Vocabulary Practice Answers No.01082017

Vocabulary Practice for Primary 6 Advanced Questions Singapore

Answers from this Vocabulary worksheet

  1. confide
  2. engage
  3. drop out
  4. drop off
  5. revolution
  6. prestigious
  7. interfere
  8. hire
  9. honourable
  10. shamefully

What scores did you get?

  • 16-20 Thor’s hammer worthy
  • 10-16 Hero’s will and determination
  • 6-10-Growing up requires a lot of calcium for strong bones
  • 0-6-Some days we wake up on the wrong side of the bed.


In this exercise, we use words that can be easily swapped out for others (synonyms) and test the student’s ability to pick the better/best option, weighing in on relevance and account for its accuracy within the context of the sentence.

For Singapore MOE’s syllabus, accuracy and relevancy in context for the English language examinations are markers for proficiency and mastery of the English Language at PSLE Primary 6 /Grade 6 level.

It is not just a matter of getting a word that fits, but to find the best fit that accurately commands the sentence.

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