Punggol Tuition Centre for English

Punggol Tutor for Effective English Tuition for Primary School.

English Tuition for Secondary School in Punggol. MOE Syllabus GCE O level, IGCSE syllabus and IP Programme English Tuition by Yuet Ling +65 82226327.

Experienced and efficient classes engineered to produce results for Punggol near Waterway Point. In accordance to MOE SEAB syllabus and tutors in small group format, all our classes are customised for maximum student’s progress and leave-no-one behind philosophy.

We help you understand the topics, improve your study skills, and gain detailed insight into the subject matter to properly master and have the best answers for your examination.

We have located our centers close to your neighbourhood (95% of our English primary students stay within 500m of our centre, a maximum of 10 minutes walking distance) so that it is convenient to bring your child for lessons, ease of access to our facilities, and most importantly, it allows students the ability to talk to our Punggol English tutors anytime they need some advice.

What we do in class?

  • Tutor teaching class of 4-6 pax
  • Duration: 1.5hours
  • Students are taught the topic before attempting any questions
  • Students can ask and clear all doubts anytime during the lesson
  • Students are taught ahead of class in anticipation
  • Students will get revision papers nearing exam periods to practice
  • Students are taught and will attempt commonly asked complex questions
  • Students will learn how to score in accordance to the marking scheme

Why come to us?

  • Guaranteed improvements
  • Score A1 for GCE O’ levels
  • 18 years of teaching experience
  • Principal tutors + Large Group of Tutors for students
  • Easy to understand lessons
  • From Basic to Advanced questions learnt in class
  • Small Group of 6 pax (max)
  • Learn all the tricks and score maximum working marks
  • Acquire all study skills needed to do well in Secondary School
  • Tutors to help students 24/7 via SMS/Whatsapp
punggol tuition centre english maths science primary PSLE O level tuition small group
We make sure all students are taught properly, understand their classes and does their work with the proper steps and thought processes.
Punggol English Tuition Centre Primary Pri1 Pri2 Pri3 Pri4 Pri 5 Pri6 PSLE MOE Syllabus Small Group Female Experienced Tutors
Our Tutors goes through all the work done by students, and we teach from scratch, sticking to the MOE syllabus and making sure we teach from basics to advanced level, so that students attain the mastery needed to do well in school.

Our Punggol English tuition class is especially beneficial for students who do not like reading, or do not score well in composition and comprehension during examinations.

We conduct small group tuition in Punggol. English, Math and Science classes conducted in a small group format in accordance to latest SEAB MOE PSLE or GCE O level syllabus.

Punggol Tuition Centre English Creative Writing Primary Pri 1,2,3,4,5,6 PSLE MOE Syllabus Small Group Tuition with qualified tutors
Creative Writing class are themed and we teach from scratch. Building from ground up including vocabulary, interesting formats and all relevant sentences used in these themes.
Punggol English Creative Writing Primary Pri 1,2,3,4,5,6 PSLE MOE Syllabus Small Group Tuition with qualified tutors
Tutor Yuet Ling introducing the theme “Going to the Zoo’ and everything that students should know about zoo’s, including the place, the animals, zookeepers and the people who goes there.
Punggol Creative Writing Pri 3 class small group class Primary English Tuition Centre
Creative Writing goes through format and information needed for content to write an interesting story.

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