What kind of technical setup is required for online primary composition tuition?

In recent years, online learning has seen a massive surge in popularity, owing to the flexibility and accessibility it offers. Primary composition tuition is no exception and has seamlessly integrated into the digital learning landscape. This trend aligns with the Ministry of Education Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (MOE SEAB) and their focus on equipping students with the skills required to navigate the digital age effectively. This article provides a detailed exploration of the technical setup required for online primary composition tuition, keeping in line with the PSLE English syllabus.

Technical Setup for Online Primary Composition Tuition

Online primary composition tuition brings the classroom to the comfort of the student’s home. However, this shift from traditional classroom learning to a digital platform requires a specific technical setup.

Basic Requirements

Internet Connection

The most critical requirement for online tuition is a reliable and high-speed internet connection. The internet connection must be capable of supporting live video streaming, as many online tuition classes involve live video lectures or interactions.


Students would need a device like a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone to access the online classes. It’s advisable to opt for a device with a larger screen, like a computer or tablet, for better visibility and ease of use.

Webcam and Microphone

A webcam and microphone are essential for interactive online classes. They facilitate video conferencing, allowing students to interact with their tutors and peers, a critical aspect of the MOE SEAB’s PSLE English syllabus, which emphasizes communication skills.

Learning Apps and Software

Several online platforms provide primary composition tuition. These platforms may require students to install specific software or applications on their devices.

Enhancing the Setup

Ergonomic Workspace

While not a technical requirement per se, an ergonomic workspace can significantly enhance the online learning experience. A comfortable chair and desk at the correct height, good lighting, and a quiet environment can make a big difference.

Printer and Scanner

A printer and scanner can be handy for printing learning resources or scanning and submitting handwritten work.

External Keyboard and Mouse

For those using tablets or smartphones, an external keyboard and mouse can provide a better typing experience, which can be beneficial for online writing assignments.

PSLE Examinations and Online Learning Setup

As students prepare for the PSLE examinations, the MOE SEAB encourages the use of digital resources to augment learning. An appropriate technical setup for online learning can serve as a vital tool to facilitate this, helping students to better understand and apply the concepts outlined in the PSLE English syllabus.

Pros and Cons of Online Learning Setup

Like every aspect of learning, having a technical setup for online primary composition tuition has its pros and cons.


The primary benefit of an online setup is the flexibility it provides. Students can learn from the comfort of their home, and can often access the learning material at any time. It also helps in developing technical skills and digital literacy, which are in line with the MOE SEAB’s objectives.


However, the initial cost of setting up the necessary technology might be high for some households. There might also be a learning curve associated with using the technology effectively. Furthermore, technical issues such as connectivity problems or hardware failures can disrupt the learning process.


The shift towards online learning necessitates a suitable technical setup to facilitate effective learning. While it comes with its own set of challenges, the benefits it offers are significant. As students prepare for their PSLE examinations, this setup can be a valuable tool to aid their learning journey, enabling them to fully explore the MOE SEAB’s PSLE English syllabus. Online primary composition tuition, with the right setup, can provide a comprehensive, flexible, and efficient learning experience.

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