Additional Mathematics Syllabus Breakdown

Our Additional Mathematics Syllabus Breakdown for 2024

Understanding the layout and objectives of the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) Additional Mathematics syllabus is key to performing well in the subject. This syllabus is designed to nurture students with an aptitude and interest in Mathematics, providing them with the essential mathematical concepts and skills for higher studies, not only in Mathematics but also supporting their learning in other subjects, with an emphasis on the Sciences. In this article, we provide a comprehensive breakdown of the SEAB Additional Mathematics Syllabus 2024.

Syllabus Overview

The syllabus is primarily divided into three content strands: Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry, and Calculus. Within each strand, there are several subtopics that delve deeper into each area.


In this strand, students will tackle a variety of topics, such as Quadratic Functions, Equations and Inequalities, Surds, Polynomials, and Partial Fractions, Binomial Expansions, and Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.

Geometry and Trigonometry

This strand focuses on Trigonometric Functions, Identities and Equations, Coordinate Geometry in Two Dimensions, and Proofs in Plane Geometry.


In this strand, the syllabus centers around Differentiation and Integration.

Syllabus Breakdown

Here’s a table for a quick glance at the structure of the syllabus:

Content StrandSub-topics
AlgebraQuadratic functions, Equations and inequalities, Surds, Polynomials and partial fractions, Binomial expansions, Exponential and logarithmic functions
Geometry and TrigonometryTrigonometric functions, identities, and equations, Coordinate geometry in two dimensions, Proofs in plane geometry
CalculusDifferentiation and integration

Exam Structure

The Additional Mathematics examination consists of two papers, each lasting 2 hours and 15 minutes. The papers contain different numbers of questions, varying in marks and lengths. Here is a summary of the examination papers:

Paper 12 hours 15 minutesConsists of 12 – 14 questions of varying marks and lengths, up to 10 marks per question. Candidates are required to answer ALL questions.
Paper 22 hours 15 minutesComprises 9 – 11 questions of varying marks and lengths, up to 12 marks per question. Candidates are required to answer ALL questions.

Assessment Objectives

Students’ abilities will be tested according to three main objectives:

Assessment ObjectiveDescriptionWeightage
AO1: Use and apply standard techniquesInvolves recalling and using facts, terminology, and notation; interpreting information directly from tables, graphs, diagrams, and texts; performing routine mathematical procedures.35%
AO2: Solve problems in a variety of contextsComprises interpreting information to identify the relevant mathematics concept, rule or formula to use; translating information from one form to another; formulating problems into mathematical terms, etc.50%
AO3: Reason and communicate mathematicallyIncludes justifying mathematical statements; providing explanation in the context of a given problem; writing mathematical arguments and proofs.15%

We hope this breakdown provides a clear understanding of the syllabus structure, exam format, and assessment objectives for SEAB Additional Mathematics. With this comprehensive knowledge, students can prepare strategically and perform optimally in their exams.

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