How much time is allocated for the PSLE English Comprehension Paper 2?

Navigating the educational path with your child from Primary 1 to Primary 6, particularly in mastering the English language as mandated by the Ministry of Education, Singapore (MOE) and the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), can be a rewarding journey filled with critical milestones. One key juncture in this journey is the preparation and successful execution of the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), particularly the PSLE English examinations, where Comprehension Paper 2 stands as an essential component.

PaperComponentItem TypeNo. of ItemsMarksWeightingDuration
1 (Writing)Situational WritingOE (Open-ended)11527.5%1 h 10 min
Continuous WritingOE (Open-ended)140
2 (Language Use and Comprehension)Booklet A: GrammarMCQ (Multiple-choice)101047.5%1 h 50 min
VocabularyMCQ (Multiple-choice)55
Vocabulary ClozeMCQ (Multiple-choice)55
Visual Text ComprehensionMCQ (Multiple-choice)88
Booklet B: Grammar ClozeOE (Open-ended)1010
Editing for Spelling and GrammarOE (Open-ended)1212
Comprehension ClozeOE (Open-ended)1515
Synthesis / TransformationOE (Open-ended)1010
Comprehension OEOE (Open-ended)2020
3 (Listening Comprehension)Listening ComprehensionMCQ (Multiple-choice)202010%About 35 min
4 (Oral Communication)Reading AloudOE (Open-ended)1 passage1015%About 10 min (5 min preparation time; about 5 min examination time)
Stimulus-based ConversationOE (Open-ended)1 visual stimulus20

Legend: MCQ: Multiple-choice questions OE: Open-ended questions Total Marks: 200 Total Weighting: 100%

Understanding the allocated time for this paper can offer a significant advantage in preparing for the examination. In the PSLE English Comprehension Paper 2, each student is allocated one hour to complete the paper. This time limit is designed to assess the student’s ability to efficiently read, comprehend, and respond to various text types within a set timeframe. It’s a gauge of both their reading fluency and comprehension skills.

During this hour, your child will need to demonstrate their understanding of a range of texts, from short answer questions to multiple-choice ones, each requiring different depths of understanding. Having a well-structured approach can be instrumental in managing the time constraint effectively. Encouraging your child to first skim through the questions before reading the passage allows them to have a general idea of the information to look out for, reducing the time spent on re-reading.

Furthermore, it’s essential to maintain a balance between speed and comprehension. Rushing might lead to misinterpretation of the questions or texts, while taking too much time could result in the inability to answer all questions within the stipulated time. Regular timed practice can help students become accustomed to the time pressure, and over time, improve their reading speed and comprehension under timed conditions.

Moreover, teach your child to be mindful of the marks allocated for each question as a hint for the length and depth of the response required. More complex questions requiring inferential understanding generally carry more marks and may need more time to answer.

A collaborative effort between parents, teachers, and the students themselves, coupled with a thorough understanding of the time management skills needed for PSLE English Comprehension Paper 2, can make the journey towards the PSLE a fruitful one. By acknowledging the importance of these elements, parents can offer their child an edge in this crucial examination and prepare them for further academic success.

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