Punggol English Tuition Centre for Primary Schools

Punggol English Tuition Centre for Primary 1-6 MOE Syllabus. We conduct English Tuition Classes, small group tutorials with Tutor Yuet Ling at Punggol. Our English Tuition Classes are geared for students that prefers a lively class environment, positive tutors and thoughtful classmates that helps readily to reinforce their own studying skills.

The classes are MOE syllabus ready, tutors teaches from scratch, and caters to all types of students. We help students to love their lessons, study optimistically and be constructive in their study skills.

Tutor Yuet Ling at 12 Apostles, Australia

The following tuition are available:

  • English MOE Syllabus (P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6 PSLE) Tutorials

Course Description

English MOE Syllabus Tutorials are our general English Tuition where students are trained in all aspects of the Primary English curriculum included in Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the MOE PSLE Syllabus. Tutors will guide students in Composition, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Cloze passages, Grammar and general holistic informative reading with the goals of language mastery and in preparation for the examinations.


  1. Language Mastery
  2. Correct and nuanced use of English Language
  3. Doing well in the Primary examinations
  • Creative Writing for New Syllabus MOE English PSLE Syllabus 2015 (P3, P4, P5, P6 PSLE)

Course Description

Creative Writing Tutorials are specialised and tuned to improve student’s ability to write a compelling and competent composition. In this course, students attempt various themes every semester and are highly geared towards crafting a smooth flowing piece of coherent writing that are full of creative ideas and the masterful punctilious use of vocabulary that will bring the storyline to life. This class will also have a higher amount of workload, bias towards homework where students are required to research their themes and a fair amount of discussions about their ideas in class.


  1. Ability to write compositions
  2. Punctilious use of vocabulary to effect
  3. master the skill to craft an entertaining composition
  4. become an effective writer
  5. get used to the new MOE syllabus English PSLE exam
Tutor Yuet Ling introducing the theme “Going to the Zoo’ and everything that students should know about zoo’s, including the place, the animals, zookeepers and the people who goes there.
Creative Writing class are fully air-conditioned and filtered for health, safety and comfort. We teach throughout the year, rain, shine or haze.
  • Intensive English for Exam Preparatory PSLE

Course Description

Specialised exam prep tutorials and limited slots available. Suitable for students doing their MOE SEAB P6 PSLE English conducted by our tutors on a case-by-case customised class setting. This is the most extreme class conducted by eduKate. Intensive Preparatory Tuition classes are hardcore tutorials, highly customised, with extreme pace of learning and conducted in a very small group attendance carefully crafted to eek out every mark of the examinations. Tutors expect extreme performance from students in these classes. Kindly enquire these special intensive classes with Yuet Ling +65 8222 6327


  1. specialised custom class
  2. low tutor/student ratio
  3. intensive exam preparatory
  4. extreme pace of learning
  5. extreme performance from students
Happy students learns faster, and we keep the class intact throughout the year, and onto the subsequent years. This helps students to build a deep bond and develop great friendships.
Our classes positive attitude can be seen here. Over the years, we have developed a class culture between our tutors and students where they are nurtured and encouraged to keep improving.
Tutor helps readily and students loves their tuition classes and classmates.
Primary English Tuition Class in Punggol where students are always happy when they learn.

Additional Information on eduKate Punggol’s English Tuition Classes

Our classes are holistic and includes two components, MOE Syllabus and our specially developed in-house programme. It includes the new guideline revision in MOE PSLE English Language Syllabus 2015 and enrichment courses stated here:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Synthesis
  • Composition (Situational and Continuous)
  • Comprehension
  • Cloze Passage
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Oral and speech

In addition, we incorporate the following enrichment courses into our English programme:

  • Creative writing
  • Historical Knowledge
  • General Knowledge
  • Moral Ethics and Good Manners
  • Introduction to Newspapers and Current Affairs
  • Reading & Appreciation of Classical Children Story Books
  • English and its use in Technology and Social Media
Sec 1 Math Tuition class has students doing graphs and completing it on time. Imperative to complete graphs fast, or students will not finish in time during examinations
Tutors doing Intensive Tuition with students that requires a faster learning curve for their school.
Our Punggol tutors in action. We are all hands-on when it comes to teaching.
Tutors teach everything from scratch and makes student practice their work properly

Who is eduKate Punggol? A picture review of who we are.

Tutor Yuet Ling in Melbourne Australia
Kazakhstan. Shymbulak Ski Resort, Almaty
Yuet Ling, Great Ocean Road, Australia
Torquay Beach, VIC Australia.
Tutor Yuet Ling at LV, MBS, SGP
Tutor Yuet Ling in the Office working on new materials. We customise all our classes for our students.
Tutor Yuet Ling teaching students Creative Writing English class.
Tutor Yuet Ling teaches Creative Writing class different themes every semester.
Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Australia
Brighton Beach, St Kilda, Melbourne Australia
Brighton Beach, St Kilda, Melbourne Australia
State Library, Melbourne Australia
State Library, Melbourne Australia
Melbourne CBD, Australia
Tutor Yuet Ling, LV, Takashimaya, SGP
Tutor Yuet Ling in Melbourne, Australia. Theatre going. PSLE English Vocabulary Small Group Tuition
Tutor Yuet Ling at the 12 Apostle, Vic, Australia
Tutor Yuet Ling in UK, Shakespeare’s Birthplace
Tutor Yuet Ling Punggol Tuition Centre at Stratford-upon-Avon, UK.
Tutor Yuet Ling in Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK.
Tutor Yuet Ling at Almaty International Airport
on the other side, Yuet Ling heads down to UK to meet up UK Cambridge and Oxford and research online education systems

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