Pri 1 Maths Punggol Tuition Centre

Primary 1 Punggol Tuition Centre. Primary Tuition for Punggol. P1 Pri1 Mathematics. MOE Syllabus Mathematics are taught in Punggol by eduKate Punggol in small group tutorial classes.

Tutor Yuet Ling with happy Primary Students and our Semester 2017 T Shirts.

Enjoy your lessons at eduKate Punggol.

Have some fun learning. Our enjoyable maths class cater to students that find tuition intimidating by making the math lesson fun and interesting. Once our students get a taste of our upbeat culture, they will be able to absorb the curriculum without any trepidation. Our happy tutors at work:

We make sure all students are taught properly, understand their classes and does their work with the proper steps and thought processes.
Our Tutors goes through all the work done by students, and we teach from scratch, sticking to the MOE syllabus and making sure we teach from basics to advanced level, so that students attain the mastery needed to do well in school.
Punggol Tutors @eduKateSG immediately helps students when we spoke mistakes. Close proximity to students in our class shows how fast students learns to correct their mistakes and have no fear in asking during our Primary tuition classes
Happy students. SEAB PSLE Syllabus Primary 3/4 English Tuition. Class doing Vocabulary, Grammar, Synthesis. 
Another class at Pri6 PSLE looking positively confident doing their work.
Primary students that has been with us since Pri1 develops a positive outlook of their education, enjoying their learning process.
Looking sharp and smart. The cheerful class culture and beaming interaction between students. Small group tuition for English Math and Science tuition.

Heuristical and Basis for a successful Primary education at eduKate

Our math class follows the Primary 1 curriculum and focusses on building a strong foundation for the upcoming years in Primary school. We teach from scratch, and explain in details to make sure heuristic understanding and clarity is cultivated early in our buoyant students. Directing confident students to think intelligently and being positively upbeat when they do their sums, tutors takes into account the need to be sensitive to a brand new student attending their first days of formal school. That also means we know what we do, since we have the experience in helping lower primary students to be confident individuals in school the last two decades.

A review of eduKate? Here’s a few photos of eduKate:

Top work from students of eduKate Singapore with achievement awards.
eduKate Singapore student 2nd Prize in Maths Quiz Primary5
Tutor Yuet Ling in Cambridge University, King’s College, UK.
Our tuition classes are air conditioned and filtered for health, safety and comfort. We conduct classes throughout the year, rain, shine or haze.
Tutor Yuet Ling, The 12 Apostles, Vic, Melbourne, Australia
Shopping and walking around Melbourne CBD
A dozen Oysters, Queen Victoria Market Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne Street Art, Cat graffiti found all over the city.
Stalactites Restaurant, Melbourne CBD, Australia
tutor Yuet Ling at LV, Takashimaya.
the theatres in Melbourne, Yuet Ling
Small Group Tuition classes with eduKate Punggol
Katong Food walk with Yuet Ling
Our students getting school awards for excellence in their class.

Process of creative writing, maintain a structure whilst the mind runs free and creative. Students seen here coming up with ideas and paring it down to make a smooth flowing sensible composition
Punggol Math tuition small group secondary
Best improved students, that’s tough, because it takes a lot of understanding the student and figure out how to improve them. Our solution, custom materials for different students. And apply different strategies when teaching them. Not every child is the same, they better not be. So we don’t teach all of them the same way.
One of our residents Pebbles.
Tutor Yuet Ling LV Takashimaya. SGP.
Tutor Yuet Ling at Kazakhstan. Almaty City Shymbulak Ski Resort.
Tutor Yuet Ling at Torquay Beach, Vic, Australia
Cold and Windy in the Mountains, Kazakhstan. Almaty City.
Tutor Yuet Ling with Mori Azusa at LV MBS
Tutor Yuet Ling in Queen Vic Market, Melbourne Australia

Tutor Yuet Ling in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Food there is cheap, but a pinnacle of Asian street food.

Tutors in Ho Chi Minh doing their poses, they worked so hard for the kids, we rewarded them with a super holiday. You can’t reward awesome with anything else can we?
Primary Science Tuition Punggol Primary 5 level doing eduKateSG End of Year Examination Preparatory.
Primary 5 Science Punggol Tuition lesson doing MCQ and getting A* scores by practicing Science
Tutor Yuet Ling makes sure all students understand what is being taught.

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