What do we do at eduKate?

Punggol Tuition Centre does MOE syllabus English, Maths and Science lessons for Pri1-6, Sec1-4 Express, 5 Normal(Academic). We are a small group format tuition centre with expert tutors that operates on a holistic approach to education.

Understand first, practice lots, Enjoy the learning process.

Following the curriculum format setup of MOE and SEAB, we believe that students should firstly understand their topics before attempting to answer any questions. Hence, we teach everything from scratch, making sure students understand their work, enjoy what they learn and be cognizant of its relevancy to everyday activities. The keyword here is “enjoy”, because once students enjoy the things they are learning, they latch onto the concepts faster and can apply it easily. To the point where our students are consistent in earning proficiency awards in their schools.

In opposition to that, a student that does not understand their work, struggles to comprehend the question and ability to answer the questions are destructive to the ability and psyche to study. Frustration sets in, then coupled with a constant fear of examinations and a general dislike to learn.

That does not happen at eduKate Punggol, as you can see from the photos below.

Primary students that has been with us since Pri1 develops a positive outlook of their education, enjoying their learning process.
PSLE Students doing an English Tuition class in small group format, enjoying their lesson helps them to feel good about what they learn
Happy students enjoying her class at eduKate Punggol
Our students thinking of ways to do that sum. Its our job to make sure they get a thorough fun exercise of their brain during class
Top work from students of eduKate Singapore with achievement awards. The result makes a happy student.
Socialising is an important part of growing up. Building teamwork and learning how to help or ask for it.
Some of eduKate Singapore’s Students, happy in class, as usual.

Custom classes for a gamut of students

eduKate Punggol do not stick to one formula and hope that it works. We alter and tune our teaching methods to the learning culture of students in that particular class in the aim to maximise the studying process and be efficient in workload delivery. We know n two students are alike, which means we teach them to their strengths, identify their weakness and overcome them on a case-by-case basis.

Holistic Education in Punggol

Of course, we setup our classes to be holistic in nature, doing everything beyond the class to make sure students learn more than curriculum, a very much needed criteria in the 21st Century. We have to teach them the relevance of a quality education in Singapore, and its potential to provide the stability in the uncertainty of the future. During the holidays, we have programs that gets students out of the classroom, with collaborations with other education facilities.

eduKate Primary Students Holistic Programme: Applying Biology, Physics, Maths and Strategy into real world applications:

Actions speaks louder than words

We talk the talk, and walk the walk. Our work doesn’t end when the student steps out of the classroom. Firm believers in education by process of learning, our students are our future and their success, ours.

For our classes, call Yuet Ling +65 82226327.

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