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Creative Writing English Enrichment classes for Pri 3 tuition centre in Punggol includes different themes and vocabulary work that are categorised to these themes. For example, in one of our Pri 3 Creative Writing class with Zoo as the theme, the class goes through concepts that are related to zoo like animals, how animals are taken care of by zookeepers, the types of animals found in zoo’s, how they are kept in their enclosures, why people visit zoo’s, and feelings that people feel when they go to zoo.

Here are a few photos in our Creative Writing Pri 3 class that was conducted this week:

Our tuition classes are air conditioned and air filtered for health, safety and comfort. Tutor Yuet Ling teaching all relevant information for Zoo’s and what happens in a zoo.
Students are required to fill in all information guided by Tutor Yuet Ling
Creative Writing goes through format and information needed for content to write an interesting story.
In our Punggol Tuition Centre for English, all our student’s work are marked and checked to make sure their work are done correctly.

Creative Writing in Punggol for Primary students by Yuet Ling +65 82226327


Tutor Yuet Ling with Primary Students and our Semester 2017 T Shirts.
Tutor Yuet Ling with Semester 2 2017 Edukate Punggol Tuition T shirts
Punggol Tuition Students with their new Semester 2 2017 T shirts.
Punggol Tuition Semester 2 2017 T shirts

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