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Punggol Creative Writing Course for Primary schools.

Creative Writing English Enrichment classes for Pri3 and Pri4 tuition centre in Punggol includes different themes and vocabulary that are categorised to these themes. Our tutors design the class in such a way where students will enjoy learning all the information and also find their understanding of the topic deepen and develop a fondness to create in the world of writing. Telling them stories, watching videos and reading up on all relevant information, keeping the class lively helps tremendously to bolster this creative learning process.

For example, in one of our Pri 4 Creative Writing class with Zoo as the theme, the class goes through concepts that are related to zoo like animals, how animals are taken care of by zookeepers, the types of animals found in zoo’s, how they are kept in their enclosures, why people visit zoo’s, and feelings that people feel when they go to zoo.

Here are a few photos in our Creative Writing class that was conducted this week:

Creative Writing class are fully air-conditioned and filtered for health, safety and comfort. We teach throughout the year, rain, shine or haze.
Creative Writing class are themed and we teach from scratch. Building from ground up including vocabulary, interesting formats and all relevant sentences used in these themes.
Tutor Yuet Ling introducing the theme “Going to the Zoo’ and everything that students should know about zoo’s, including the place, the animals, zookeepers and the people who goes there.
All students are required to write down everything they learn and also their thoughts, giving the subject a good thought before they attempt to write a composition themselves.

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Tutor Yuet Ling in the Office working on new materials. We customise all our classes for our students.

Who is Tutor Yuet Ling?

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Tutor Yuet Ling teaching students Creative Writing English class.
Tutor Yuet Ling teaches Creative Writing class different themes every semester.
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