PSLE, O-Levels June Holidays Intensive Revision Courses

Are you prepared? Make the most of this June holidays to revise and prepare for your upcoming PSLE or O-Level examinations at our Punggol or Tampines centres!

With the national examinations round the corner and the teachers in school desperately trying to finish the MOE syllabus, there has been hardly any time left for intensive revision. The month-long June holidays is your/your child’s perfect opportunity to catch up and kickstart your/his/her revision in preparation for PSLE or O-Level examinations!

Focusing on the heavy weighting components of each examination paper, our 4-lesson courses caters to primary and secondary students who wish to sharpen their skills and hone in on specific aspects of their assessment in PSLE or O-Level. Tutors at our Punggol and Tampines centres will teach students on how to identify types of questions, avoid common pitfalls as well as improve their techniques and strategies to answer the various examination questions.

The PSLE intensive revision courses focus on the following:


Paper 1: Continuous Writing

Paper 2: Comprehension Open Ended


Paper 2: Structured / Long-answer


Booklet B: Open-ended

The O-Level intensive revision courses focus on the following:

English Language (Syllabus 1128)

Paper 1: Continuous Writing

Paper 2: Summary

Mathematics (Syllabus 4048)

Additional Mathematics (Syllabus 4047)

Call Yuet Ling at 8222 6327 to find out more about the courses, schedules and fees!

Tutor Yuet Ling in the Office working on new materials. We customise all our classes for our students.
Our classes positive attitude can be seen here. Over the years, we have developed a class culture between our tutors and students where they are nurtured and encouraged to keep improving.
Positive Affirmative Tuition classes makes sure students enjoys learning at eduKate
Small Group Tuition Science Primary 5 Advanced Level Students attempting Past Year Exam Papers. EOY Papers.
Science Tuition Punggol Primary 5 attempting MCQ section for End of Year Examinations. Past Year Primary Exam Papers
Sec 1 Math Tuition class has students doing graphs and completing it on time. Imperative to complete graphs fast, or students will not finish in time during examinations
Happy students learns faster, and we keep the class intact throughout the year, and onto the subsequent years. This helps students to build a deep bond and develop great friendships.
Tutors doing Intensive Tuition with students that requires a faster learning curve for their school.
Our Punggol tutors in action. We are all hands-on when it comes to teaching.
Tutors teach everything from scratch and makes student practice their work properly
Small Group Punggol Tuition Centre
IB Tuition Centre Tampines English Tuition PSLE IP IB GCE IGCSE SAP Tuition by Top RJC, ACJC, SAJC, TPJC Tutors
Maths Tuition Centre Tampines English Tuition PSLE IP IB GCE IGCSE SAP Tuition by Top RJC, ACJC, SAJC, TPJC Tutors

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