Tuition Holland

Tuition Holland in Singapore for Primary/Secondary English Maths Science. For Holland Tuition Primary and Secondary School, our best tutors teach strictly to PSLE GCE O-levels IGCSE IP IB SAP DSA Programme.

Tutorial classes for MOE SEAB Syllabus are taught by female RJC/TPJC/SAJC/ACJC tutors.

Our Holland Tutorial Classes are at eduKate Tuition Centre.

  • Female tutors
  • ex-RJC SAJC ACJC TPJC tutors
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Primary and Secondary level
  • GCE IGCSE, IB Sylabus
  • Classes for local IP SAP plus  International Students

Courses available by our ex-RJC, TPJC, SAJC tutors: Primary 1-6

  • MOE Curriculum Primary English Tuition
  • MOE Curriculum Primary Mathematics Tuition
  • MOE Curriculum Primary Science Tuition
  • English Creative Writing Tuition

Primary 6 MOE PSLE

  • PSLE English Tuition Preparatory Course
  • PSLE Mathematics Tuition Preparatory Course
  • PSLE Science Tuition Preparatory Course
  • PSLE Intensive Tuition Mathematics Course
  • PSLE Intensive Intensive Science Course

GCE O’Levels, Integrated Programme (IP) and the International Baccalaureate (IB Programme)

  • English Language Secondary Tuition Express/N(A)
  • A Mathematics Secondary Tuition Express/N(A)
  • E Mathematics Secondary Tuition Express/N(A)

Kindly call Yuet Ling +65 8222 6327 for schedules and available tutors.

SEAB Syllabus GCE O levels English with Maris Stella Student. Student Counsellor guiding on Situational Writing “Proposal to the Principal”
GCE O Levels eduKate Singapore Tampines Tuition Centre Students in Tutorial Class 2
Secondary Mathematics
P6 eduKate Students at Tampines Tuition Centre goes to Climb Central for eduKate Holistic Programme
eduKateSG Tuition Centre Primary Students at Prive Punggol Singapore
eduKateSG Mee Toh Primary Students at Punggol Prive Condo


eduKate Singapore Tuition Centre is dedicated to provide top tutors to teach children of all skill and background levels. Our students intelligence are our top priority and hence, our tutors comes from outstanding institutions to provide the best customised classes for our students. Our tutors are highly motivated intelligent educated individuals from a diverse background and ethnicity, with years of experience in guiding childrens’ intellectual growth and stimulating their grey matter to attain solid exam results and also life skills to tackle problems in their future.

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