Top 10 English Words used according to Oxford Dictionary

  1. the
  2. be
  3. to
  4. of
  5. and
  6. a
  7. in
  8. that
  9. have
  10. I

These are the top 10 English used in the world and eduKate Tuition Centre finds entry 9. to be pretty interesting. The word “Have” as a more common word than “I” is a concept that intrigues us. Wonder how it is so. If anyone can figure out why Have is in front of I, drop us a message and see if you can explain it.

(source of list from Oxford Concise Dictionary)

P6 eduKate Students at eduKate Tuition Centre goes to Climb Central for eduKate Holistic Programme. Top 10 English words used in the world

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