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Me and my Friend  or I and my friend

Free English PSLE and Primary Lesson from eduKate Tuition Centre Singapore. Online Lessons and Tips. Here’s some Right or Wrong English usage in our English Tuition classes. Grammar usage and correcting your child in Primary school in Singapore before it turns into a habit and making sure they have an excellent English education.

During our English tuition classes, we hear these English sentences used frequently both in conversation and writing. So let’s correct some of the common ones and here’s an English grammar mistake that stands out.

“Me and my friend” or “I and my friend”? 

So which is the right sentence? “Me and my friend wants to go to Mee Toh Primary School” or “I and my friend wants to go to Mee Toh Primary School?”

Well, the latter.

Reason: “I” is the subject of the sentence. Your friend becomes the accompanying person and the subject is “going to Mee Toh Primary School”. The first sentence makes “Me” the subject, and it is wrong to call yourself “Me” as the subject, making the sentence grammatically wrong. However, we can use “Me” as the object. i.e. “Mee Toh Primary School has accepted me and my friend”

So what about “My friend and I” versus “I and my friend”?

Both are grammatically correct, but whenever someone corrects you and say the former is correct, then it is contestable. It is, however, polite to use “My friend and I” so even though both are correct, choose “My friend and I” because we all want to sound clever and polite don’t we?


  • when you are the subject: use “I”
  • when you are the object: use “me”
  • be polite and put yourself last if using “My friend and I”

So that’s an English lesson from eduKate Tuition Centre. Hope you enjoyed it and for our more information of our English tuition, Creative Writing and enrichment classes, call Yuet Ling +65 8222 6327 for all our schedules.

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