Education in Kazakhstan

Education in Kazakhstan

Education in Kazakhstan for Secondary Mathematics. Grade 7-10 Mathematics for Haileybury Almaty, Miras International for IGCSE, IB. Tutorial Classes in Kazakhstan conducted in English Language by Singaporean tutors. This is the outline for Algebra Module at eduKateSg. An education for Mathematics in Kazakhstan by Singapore Tutors. Course Curriculum and Syllabus requires Grade 6 Algebra as previous knowledge and should be revised prior to attendance of this class. Tutors for this class are to teach and guide the following Algebra Class with the following aims for students:

  • To understand the use of algebra as replacement for numbers
  • To understand that algebra can be used asa a function of calculation
  • To understand that algebra can be used to solve problem sums
  • To appreciate different manipulations and techniques
  • To apply its use to other subjects like Physics and Chemistry
  • To attempt tough questions applied in school examinations

Kindly contact our course provider iDDRIVE Centre on WhatsApp (in Russian) +65 9376 5417 for our Mathematics tutorials.


Basic Expansion

  • x(a+b)

Further Algebraic Expansions

  • (x+a)(x+b)
  • (x+a)²


Basic Factorisation

  • 8x+2=2(4x+1)

Quadratic Factorisation

  • x²-4
  • x²+6x+8


  • x+xy+2y+2y²

Algebraic Manipulation

Simplifying Algebraic Fractions

  • 15x²/20x³
  • 3d-6/d²+d-6

Simplify Algebraic Fractions Multiplication

Simplify Algebraic Fractions Addition and Subraction


Simple equations

Algebraic Fractions Equations

Quadratic Equations and Roots

Problem Sums for Quadratic Equations

Changing the Subject of the Formula in linear and quadratic

Mathematics Secondary Tuition Classes at eduKate SG

Mathematics, daunting to some, pleasurable to others. Polarising it might be, Mathematics can be conquered with the right attitude and guidance. We teach from scratch, with the attitude that we teach the best methods, and we lower the level of complexities into understandable steps for you. Small baby coherent steps when learning which will empower you. We teach using the easy route. We will not make anything into incomprehensible technical jargon. Students must understand before they attempt Mathematics. We build the understanding by teaching everything in our Maths tutorial class.





We make sure you understand all Math methodology, broken down into easy steps and move onto the point where doing the most difficult Math problem sums are easy to you. When we lower your stress levels, you study Maths better and you learn better. Its all wholesome goodness once you know what your are doing when attempting Math questions and in total control of your studies. Get into the driver’s seat and take control of your future. We will show you how.

Close Monitoring of Progress

We highly value our teacher to student interface, making sure students improve through our constant monitoring of their work and development. We make sure the parents are updated as well, and this close-loop teaching system helps us customise our teaching methods to the different needs of the students. We know no two students are the same with different studying habits, needs and characteristics. We keep a profile of every student and make sure we focus on their positives, whilst continuously eliminating their negatives.

We make sure our students do Mathematics by being neat and logical. All steps are accounted for and written clearly for maximum marks and no silly mistakes or deduction of marks.
We make sure our students do Mathematics by being neat and logical. All steps are accounted for and written clearly for maximum marks and no silly mistakes or deduction of marks.

We set off with the clear goal that what we teach, has to be understood by the students. It is tenet of education. To facilitate learning, it must first be understood. Knowledge must first and foremost be digestible, inclusive and useful to students. Knowledge is food for the mind and the soul. Otherwise, it will just be garbage floating around one’s brain with no anchor to hold its weight. Useless, and mind numbing teaching does not make an intelligent student. In our tutorial classes, we help students to understand everything put forth in their curriculum. We teach from ground up. The best way possible. The easiest way possible and let students grow upon the solidity of what has been learnt.

Our Friendly Tutors

Our tutors know each and every student that goes to our tuition centres. Every one of them. It is our duty to know them well and be a tight group. That sets forth an important requirement of what we want to achieve, learning is not just about a student and a book, it is about the process of learning, the social interaction between teachers and students,( as well as with other fellow students) and the environment that they study in. We keep all these elements in our sights, and we create a conducive culture for students to learn in, fitting the pieces of a puzzle until the last piece clocks into place and the picture is complete. Holistic education is a genetic code written into our tuition centre’s teaching system.

How we teach Singapore Math for Secondary?

Secondary E Mathematics is set up such that Express students studies 4 years of progressive mathematics. We build the knowledge year upon year, racing hard and winning each and every year. Distinctions in O levels shall be the final prize. Every academic year has their own challenges, and we will guide students towards a spectacular secondary education. Taking into consideration that we have 17 years of full time experience teaching this subject, we have expert knowledge of teaching the finest Mathematics programme in Singapore. Teaching from basics and getting up to the point of world class mastery, we give it our best and that really matters in helping our students. With time, that would make all the difference to their studies. Small changes but in large quantities makes something good into something great.

We have a substantial list of A* students that dates all the way back to 1998, and the very first few students of ours got his post graduate Masters a few years back and has a very exciting career being a senior executive position. That’s what makes us proud, because at the end of it all, we educate students to be world citizens and have an awesome life. Secondary education is but a journey along that path, and our experience suggests that we are more than up to the challenge of getting distinctions for our students.

With our happy dynamic tutors giving a complete education, students will overcome and achieve their full potential. Come down and have a talk with our tutors, as they will show you how we go about our lessons and give you a sample of how crystal clear our teaching methodology can be.

Our Kazakhstan Partner:

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