Mathematics Class Kazakhstan for IGCSE and IB International Baccalaureate

Kazakhstan Mathematics Class using Singapore Mathematics

Kazakhstan Mathematics Tuition Classes by eduKate SG in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Partnering with Kazakhstan education specialists, iDDrive, our Singapore Mathematics classes are specially designed for Grade 4-12 IGCSE and IB (International Baccalaureate) schools in Kazakhstan. Our Kazakhstan Math classes are conducted by eduKate Singapore tutors, managed exclusively by our Kazakhstan Education Partners, iDDrive. With our experience with students in Haileybury, Kazakhstan International School and Miras International School, our Mathematics programs in Kazakhstan are developed in Singapore over the last 16 years with expert knowledge applied specifically to Kazakhstan Primary, Secondary and Diploma level.

Developed in conjuction with our Kazakhstan Education Partners, our Kazakhstan Mathematics Course Modules aims to solve individual students needs and aims to improve Math topics that students finds difficulty in understanding and move onto a more holistic approach for students to achieve examination success.

In Kazakhstan, we are starting to see a growing demand for high quality education in an ever increasing international influence for top grade education. World class and renowned award winning Singapore Mathematics are taught in our Kazakhstan Mathematics modules, with specialized consideration for students attending the IGCSE and IB Mathematics curriculum. Our courses are developed for students to achieve an A* grade and be within the top 10% of their cohort in the international examinations of IGCSE and IB. It is carried out on an à la carte module system for students to improve on their weaker topics, with the addition of compulsory topics that are essential for a successful candidacy in the international IGCSE and IB examinations.

Singapore Mathematics

EduKateSG conducts Kazakhstan Mathematic classes and provides materials developed using Singapore PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination Syllabus), IGCSE and IB Mathematics Syllabus as our base, and builds upon eduKateSG’s three basic tenets of cognitive development in Mathematics:

  1. proficiency in calculations

  2. heuristic engagement of both the left and right brain

  3. problem solving and simplification of mathematical algorithms

We strive to aim top scores in IGCSE and IB Examinations, by teaching students to understand and attempt solving mathematical concepts, to motivate students to develop a love for the subject, and most importantly, to enjoy an education that contributes to the empowerment and personal development of the individual student.

Why eduKateSG’s Methodology?

Our speciality in teaching is to engage both hemispheres of the brain, converting abstract Mathematical problems not only to logical/sequenced/computational concepts for the left brain but visual/intuitive understanding using the right brain as well. This is our specially developed “eduKateSG’s Methodology”. It engages students to explore the lateralization of brain function and promotes a far superior cognitive and bilateral brain usage when a student grows accustomed to our methodology. Engaging both sides of the brain engages innovation, creativity, but applies a structure of logical deduction for both sides of the brain to flourish. EduKateSG’s methodology creates this platform for students to achieve that.

Mathematics for Kazakhstan

The PSLE, a brief introduction into its concepts and achievements.

PSLE Mathematics have been used in Singapore since its inception in 1960. With constant revisions to keep the syllabus relevant, and continuous acceleration for its Mathematics programme to become world class, Singapore Math have been used by countries like USA, Canada, UK and Israel. By the 1980’s, Singapore Math was developed by the Ministry of Education using their own textbooks.

The Primary focus of Singapore Mathematics are Problem Solving and Heuristic Model Drawing. It also promotes simplification of complex abstract Mathematical processes into smaller blocks where students can easily digest, master and manipulate sums in their attempt of the national PSLE examinations for Grade 6. These textbooks have gone on to be acclaimed by Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMMS) showing Singapore to be top of the world three times for Mathematics Grade 4-8.

Singapore Mathematics also streamlines itself into lesser topics but in greater depth and focus. This is based on the thinking that the process of learning requires mastery instead of coverage. It takes into consideration that a systematic logical approach of acquiring skills and its mastery equips students with a holistic education. Once students understand the motion of acquiring a high level of mastery from the basics is based on the process of building an efficient structure of studying skills, this learning process can be replicated in other fields on the students’ own time. Students starts from the simplest and grows in confidence during PSLE’s learning process. Empowering students to learn independently are part of the skills required to do well in the PSLE.

The Ideas

Idea 1

Singapore Mathematics concepts are based on a learn-it-once-and-move-on concept. Teachers for every grade assumes the students have achieved proficiency in their previous grades and continue with their next level with no replication. They also assume that students are capable and self-studying from a young age.

Idea 2

Simplify everything and use technology to cover the rest. This does not mean the curriculum is easy. It means that in every problem we encounter, we need to simplify the process to be able to understand the aims and directions that we need to take. The curriculum requires students to Understand, Visualize, Conceptualize, Streamline and Memorize. In a complex sum, students simplify the steps into digestible understandable concepts. Tackle it step by step until we acquire the answer. This leads us to an efficient thought process and create the foundations to acquiring a highly evolved set of studying skills.

Idea 3

The need for a highly evolved set of studying skills is the reason why Singapore Mathematics are taught with a smaller curriculum but a deeper set of understanding. The idea that the spine of a good set of studying skill is based upon the cyclic completion and mastery of a topic. With consistent repetitive learning cycles, the student will develop a keen sense of understanding and completing the steps of studying effectively. PSLE Mathematics requires students to attempt difficult problem sums in small logical steps. It positions students to start small and systematically acquire higher skills to master the topics. At the end of the road, students attempt the national PSLE examinations to be promoted to Secondary School.

Singapore Mathematics on the World Stage.

In July and August 2015, Singapore Mathematics won gold in International Young Physicists Tournament (IYPT) as well as the International Olympiads for Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Informatics and Physics.

In 2012, Singapore Grade 4 students are ranked the best in the world (TIMMS) for Mathematics and second in Science. At Grade 8, Singapore students are ranked second for Mathematics and first for Science.

Singapore Mathematics for Kazakhstan

Kindly contact our expert partner for course information and more information about eduKateSG’s Singapore Mathematics methods. We aim to provide a world class education, and help students achieve top grades in both IGCSE and IB Examinations.

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