Creative Writing Topic “Movement”

100 Words and Phrases associated with “movement” to be used in Punggol Creative Writing classes. During English Composition in Primary schools, we can improve our descriptive writing by including these words to amplify movements of characters. Free English Vocabulary online. English Tuition Materials are free-to-use online. English Tutors Free Material Online.

  1. ambled towards/away
  2. barged ahead/into
  3. battled through the melee
  4. dawdled along
  5. edged close towards someone
  6. ramrod straight
  7. straightened himself up
  8. hovered over like a hawk
  9. bunched up his/her shoulders
  10. leaped into action
  11. hammered across
  12. lumbered towards
  13. paced around
  14. prowled silently
  15. clicked his heels and took off
  16. plodded down the alley
  17. sagged against the wall
  18. shrank into the crowd
  19. disappeared into the crowds
  20. skidded to a halt
  21. skidded across the hallway
  22. slithered through the doors
  23. stormed towards someone
  24. swaggered like a boss
  25. stood to attention
  26. tapped his toe impatiently
  27. staggered ungracefully/drunkenly
  28. tottered unsteadily
  29. keeled over unconscious
  30. waltzed around
  31. danced happily

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