Punggol English Enrichment: Michelin Star Guide

Punggol English Creative Writing class tuition for this week does Michelin Start Guide, the famous food guide that gives ratings to the best restaurants and entertainment. Started as a way to promote the Michelin tire company in France, the Michelin Guide was published in 1900 to guide motorists to car mechanics, hotels, petrol stations and a map of France. Over the next few years, many other similar guides were published to cover other countries.

Eventually, the Michelin Guide started including restaurants in their guide and gave them a rating system of zero, one, two and three stars, hiring a team of reviewers to anonymously visit restaurants paid for by Michelin. They also began an exhaustive effort to include as many restaurants and hotels in their guide which propelled the guide to be the prominent voice of great food and entertainment.

Currently, The Michelin Red Guide has an amazing effect to restaurants and hotels, with a place in the book propelling unknown businesses into the limelight and a sudden boost of income for them. Gaining a star makes chefs into rich superstars and their restaurant a string of rich investors in tow.

punggol English tuition centre edukate michelin three stars

And a copy of Singapore’s Michelin Red Guide

Singapore Michelin Guide Punggol English Tuition Centre

Vocabulary List for Michelin Red Guide:

  1. F&B food and beverage
  2. concierge
  3. menu
  4. today’s specials
  5. starter
  6. dessert
  7. vegan
  8. halal
  9. kosher
  10. à la carte
  11. service
  12. appetizer
  13. bar
  14. liquor
  15. bartender
  16. bill, cheque
  17. booster seat
  18. buffet
  19. busboy
  20. cashier
  21. chef
  22. complaint
  23. condiments
  24. cook
  25. complimentary
  26. credit card
  27. customer, client, guest
  28. customer service
  29. immaculate
  30. deep fried
  31. defrost
  32. raw
  33. discount
  34. service charge
  35. tips
  36. dishwasher
  37. bartender
  38. doggie bag
  39. entrée, main course
  40. fast food
  41. fine dining
  42. garnish
  43. refill
  44. wine
  45. glassware
  46. grill
  47. happy hour
  48. homemade
  49. ingredients
  50. queue
  51. manager
  52. alcoholic drinks
  53. on the rocks
  54. recipe
  55. restroom/toilet
  56. sauce
  57. seasoning
  58. self serve
  59. sous chef
  60. specials
  61. spicy
  62. supervisor
  63. take out/to go/takeaways
  64. waiter waitress
  65. waiting list
  66. supervisor
  67. sommelier

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