Primary English Tuition Singapore

Singapore Tutor for Primary English Tuition

Singaporean tutors at eduKate for Primary English and Creative writing are a team of female tutors that encourages Singapore primary students at our tuition to do well in their examination by being patient and observing how our students learn. With that our English tutors will customise their teaching approach to  our students’ learning habits because we know they all learn differently.

Ms Yuet Ling is our Tutor for English. Call her at +65 82226327

Customise lesson to each primary student in our tuition

Specifically tailoring our Singapore English class to primary students, our English tutors will examine, analyse and execute the best teaching methods for that exact individual to thrive in school. Our specificity for each and every individual eduKate student means our students gets a premium education.

In Singapore, during our English Tuition, we listen to what the child is saying, asking and wondering. And our parents give us information on their child’s character, their likes and dislikes. Then we formulate. Tailor it throughout contact lessons, week after week, till the student improves and there is this tipping point where they go from walking to running, and then to flying. We look for these datum points that will cause these changes, and evolve our students to be the best that they can be. We care about our students, and we make sure they learn the best way possible.

Guiding students in a creative writing tuition making sure they have a strong definitive ending, rounding up their composition.
Creative Writing class are themed and we teach from scratch. Building from ground up including vocabulary, interesting formats and all relevant sentences used in these themes.
Tutor Yuet Ling introducing the theme “Going to the Zoo’ and everything that students should know about zoo’s, including the place, the animals, zookeepers and the people who goes there.

Our students improve every year and gets A’s for their exams because we have the same tutors following them through the years

As our class are small group, we know each and every student and follow their progress. Experienced and with proven track record, our female tutors at eduKate Marina Bay will help your child to learn and thrive in school. Year after year, our students gets the same tutors that they are familiar with and have developed a close rapport with Punggol tutors.

New students come to us with specific needs and requirements. We tailor our tutors to those needs.

Every new student that comes to our eduKate Marina Bay tuition centre has a specific set of needs. It can be poor memory for student Jamie and we train her to be diligent, or an exemplary Tina that only needs to brush up on skills to make sure she eek out the last few points in PSLE to get into a top school. Whichever their needs, we customise and execute an efficient plan to teach that child, for that very specific child, and our eduKate tutor will adapt our materials specific for that child.

Happy environment for students to thrive in

A happy student learns faster than one that does not feel good about studying. We know that and that is why our classes are lively, have interesting materials and our students love to come have classes with our eduKate Marina Bay tutors. A close rapport with students and their parents means we know how our students are doing in school, and if they are learning effectively.

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