English Tutor for Edgefield Primary

English Tuition by Punggol Tutor for Edgefield Primary School. Join us Yuet Ling +65 82226327 for English small group tuition at Waterway Point. Our classes are structured to help students to improve both in speech as well as written examinations following the MOE syllabus.

Punggol English Tutors are following the current curriculum format setup of MOE and SEAB. We believe that students should firstly understand their topics before attempting to answer any questions. Thus, we teach everything from scratch, making sure students understand their work, enjoy what they learn and be cognizant of its relevancy to everyday activities.

During the holidays, we have programs that gets students out of the classroom, with collaborations with other education facilities. Punggol English Tutors do not stick to just one formula and hope that it works on our English students. Punggol English tutors will alter and tune our teaching methods to the learning culture of English students in that particular class in the aim to maximise the studying process and be efficient in workload delivery. We know that there is no two students that are alike, which means Punggol English tutors will teach them to their strengths, identify their weakness and overcome them on a case-by-case basis.

Happy students learns faster, and we keep the class intact throughout the year, and onto the subsequent years. This helps students to build a deep bond and develop great friendships.
Our Pri 6 English tuition, with homework being marked and corrections cleared during class.

Our students enjoys their classes and with happy faces, they will learn much more and faster than one that despises their class. How do we do it? We will teach relevant materials that our English can identify and encompass into their own experiences. Understand that what they learn is important and relevant to their life helps them to feel the need and a reason to attend our class.

Our award winning students

eduKate Singapore student 2nd Prize in Maths Quiz Primary5

Our students getting school awards for excellence in their class.

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