Free Vocabulary Practice Paper Primary 6 Singapore Worksheet No.01082017

Vocabulary practice for Pri 6 English students, Singapore MOE syllabus. Each question carries 2 marks.

Difficulty level: Turned up to 11. Bring it on!

Instructions: Pick one of these words and fill in the blanks. As there are more words than questions, not all will be answers. Hence, choose wisely.

Options: drop back, wearily, carefully, premium, honourable, reasonable, drop out, drop in, revolution, revelation, evolution, shamefully, drop off, converse, engage, hire, buy, get, prestigious, meddle, interfere, loser, confide, congratulatory, leave, talk, decide, tiredly, sadly.

  1. When my friend has problems, he will _____________ with us instead of his parents but I am not sure we will give him the best possible advice all the time.
  2. We are unsure if it is a good idea to ____________ a lawyer to defend my brother as we do not have the funds to do so.
  3. Some people believe that a _________ will not be successful in life. However, recent notable non-graduate billionaires suggest otherwise.
  4. “I think I better _________ my daughter at the child care before 7am as I have an early appointment at the dentist tomorrow. Also, I might be late for work after all that driving,” lamented Mrs Chan to her boss.
  5. The country had a/an ______________ when the army took control and overthrew the government last night, turning the whole population into chaos and a curfew was instituted.
  6. She worked really hard and won the ______________  Nobel Peace Prize. Never underestimate the importance of diligence and a good working attitude.
  7. My dad likes to ____________ with my decisions when I have made up my mind. I would like to think that I am old enough to decide for myself.
  8. My parents will__________ a car during the June Holidays to go Kuala Lumpur to visit my grandparents.
  9. The __________ judge decided to spare the death sentence on the convicted prisoner, citing the reason that the prisoner has repented and learnt from his mistake.
  10. I walked home ___________ after our loss in the basketball competition. It definitely knocked the wind out of my sails.


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