Creative Writing Class for Sengkang Green Primary School

Creative Writing classes for Sengkang Green Primary P3 P4 P5 P6 PSLE English Tuition Centre. Classes are enrichment classes that complements the new MOE PSLE English Language Syllabus and uses the 3 picture composition writing format. Students attending this class improves in general a betterment of 2-5 grades.

Call Yuet Ling +65 82226327 for our Sengkang Green Primary School Pri3 Pri4 Pri5 Pri6 PSLE enrichment classes.

Engaging students to attain the education that will help them become a well balanced remarkable individual, we believe in doing things that work, and we know that not every student studies the same way. So, we customise our English Creative Writing tuition classes to the individual needs of each and every student. If something does not work for that particular student, we will change our methods to one which does work.

We help you understand the topics, improve your study skills, and gain detailed insight into the subject matter to properly master and have the best answers for your examination.

Our Punggol English Creative Writing class are conducted:

  • by qualified female tutors with experience in improving students for the crucial PSLE
  • by discerning tutors that can detect weaknesses, solve student’s problems during class
  • in a safe, comfortable air con environment with properly equipped classes
  • in a small group format of 4-6 students
  • to score maximum marks by knowing the marking scheme of the examination
  • increase general knowledge and all necessary skills needed for the PSLE

Being flexible and have the patience to understand our students are tenets of our English tutorial classes.

Also, we help them understand the core reason they are learning English topics in the curriculum. This help students feel relevant to the needs of society, aligned to the mercurial demands of the 21st Century and have the passion in their pursuit of a quality education.

Some photos of our Creative Writing classes

Who is Tutor Yuet Ling?


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