Small Group Tuition Punggol Tutor English Math Science

Small Group Tuition for Primary and Secondary English Maths Science in Punggol

Our classes of 4-6 pax with our female local tutors. Tutor Yuet Ling +65 82226327 will be able to help you get the grades.

Tutor Yuet Ling preparing for class. Customiing materials for classes to make sure it fits the students.

Classes at eduKate:

Primary 1-6

  • MOE Curriculum Primary English Tuition
  • MOE Curriculum Primary Mathematics Tuition
  • MOE Curriculum Primary Science Tuition
  • English Creative Writing Tuition

Primary 6 MOE PSLE

  • PSLE English Tuition Preparatory Course
  • PSLE Mathematics Tuition Preparatory Course
  • PSLE Science Tuition Preparatory Course
  • PSLE Intensive Tuition Mathematics Course
  • PSLE Intensive Intensive Science Course

Why join eduKate for English tuition?

  • Top Punggol group of English educated tutors.
  • Our Tutors actually attended English classes in University
  • Small group format of 6 pax
  • Fellow students and tutors are inclusive and friendly to new comers
  • We identify and tailor teaching techniques to suit each and every student
  • We clear all weaknesses and doubts of our students
  • Students learn various methods and tricks to answer and score
  • Students learn the marking scheme and where marks are awarded
  • Students have a better judgement of how to attain better grades
  • Students learn all facets of the English language
  • Tutors are hands on and provides 24/7 assistance during exam preparations
  • Our English classes are well received by Parents and Students
Punggol Tuition Centre Maths English Science
Tutor Yuet Ling in Melbourne, Australia. Theatre going. PSLE English Vocabulary Small Group Tuition
Tutor Yuet Ling at the 12 Apostle, Vic, Australia
Our little local celebrity baby, Pebbles!
We teach everything from scratch, and pay really close attention to the student’s working. Tuition classes needs students to achieve clear steps when they leave our classes
Have lots of ideas in Creative Writing

Sec 2 Maths Tuition by eduKate. Advance lessons taught from scratch.
Melbourne CBD, Australia

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