Punggol Secondary GCE O level Tuition

Punggol Secondary GCE O Level Mathematics Tuition in June

For Additional Mathematics, it is important to cover all the topics since Secondary 3, which is quite a lot of details to remember and complete before the GCE O levels comes along. Secondary 4 students in this class have spent most of this year learning, but as of June, they will complete their syllabus with us and start on their Mathematics revision, making sure they keep everything fresh in their memory. Along with that schedule, they will have to embark on attempting past year papers, both GCE O level Ten Year Series, as well as past year local school preliminary papers.

Punggol A Math Tuition
Punggol English and Mathematics Tuition Class goes into overdrive in preparation for the O Levels

Our A Math and E Math GCE O level Secondary class are specifically tailored for O level students in preparation for the GCE O level finals. They have come a long way since the beginning of the year and are currently working on past year exam papers. Spending time remembering the techniques and working on only the hardest sums when our tutor Kin Leong is around means that they get guidance and a fallback when they hit a tough question and cannot resolve it.

This represents the bulk of the Mathematics tuition work that requires students to spend hours preparing before they go for their GCE O level examinations, but an essential part to make sure they fully prepare themselves to get A1 for their examinations. We practice on coverage, technical details, memorisation, accuracy in calculation and speed during our tuition. During these Math lessons, we make sure the students do not make any silly mistakes, identify it and make them remember where the common mistakes and pitfalls are.

So, in today’s Math lesson, the students did most of the trigonometry questions, including bearings, 3D figures for E Maths, and for Additional Mathematics, Quadratic Equations and Range of Values of a graph. Including drawing of curves and transformation.

Punggol A Math Tuition
Additional Mathematics Tuition in Punggol by Kin Leong

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