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Punggol Group Tuition for Primary Mathematics Pri 1,2,3,4,5,6, PSLE SEAB Syllabus. Students in PSLE  will be on an accelerated schedule if they join after school year March.

Punggol English and Mathematics Tuition
Tutors guide students when they do not understand. Clarity than being doubtful gives confidence

For today’s Primary Mathematics, this is a Primary 4 class and is working on problem sums for Age, which involves questions regarding the differences on two persons ages and how to find out the age of an individual. It is relatively new concepts for these Primary 4 students doing Mathematics, but once they understand the mechanics, they will be able to start solving sums and evolutions of these sums, especially good foundation for their future work for Primary 5 and PSLE Mathematics that will need this solid foundation.

  • Top Punggol group of English educated tutors.
  • Our Tutors actually attended English classes in University
  • Small group format of 6 pax
  • Fellow students and tutors are inclusive and friendly to new comers
  • We identify and tailor teaching techniques to suit each and every student
  • We clear all weaknesses and doubts of our students
  • Students learn various methods and tricks to answer and score
  • Students learn the marking scheme and where marks are awarded
  • Students have a better judgement of how to attain better grades
  • Students learn all facets of PSLE Mathematics
  • Tutors are hands on and provides 24/7 assistance during exam preparations
  • Our Mathematics classes are well received by Parents and Students

As the students are nearing the End-of-Year Primary Examinations, we prepare them and make sure they clear a few past year papers before attempting their own school examinations. Other than the usual classes where our tutors teach students the whole syllabus and also real world applications of what they learn, (we usually teach them out of the box thinking) we have to give them some experience on tacking examinations and advice primary students on where they can improve.

This is where tutors prepares classes and makes sure our students comes to a prepared class and things gets done without wasting any time. We also make sure our students feels confident attempting their own examinations and have them performing at their best.

Punggol English and Math Tuition
Tutors will go through questions and check all students do them correctly.

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