A Math GCE O levels Tutorial classes are feeling the heat this week.

The preliminary’s are over, students are now full steam ahead for their GCE O levels. Our Additional Mathematics tutorial classes are focusing on the last 20% of their marks, after evaluating their weaknesses.

Usually by this time of the year, our students will score around the 80% mark, and there is a need to make up for that last 20%. Some of the marks will be lost to carelessness, which is always a concern especially in the heat of doing the exams proper, but nonetheless, it should not be wasted so we get students to hone in on getting used to the exam stress and handling the O levels in a calm manner. The rest of the marks will be questions that is harder in nature, and these are the ones that we help our O level students to attempt.

They are almost there, and after the preliminary exams, they have gathered more experience and confidence to attempt their GCE O levels, which is just all good in getting them battle ready.

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