Primary 6 PSLE Mathematics Final Preparatory Class

The PSLE preliminary internal school examinations results are back and our students scores from 80-90 percent, which is a success for this year’s cohort. The students that started our classes at the beginning of the year has a score of 55-70 so their PSLE Preliminary school results have improved by an aggregate of approximately 20 percentile. That is a three/four grade jump and we are so proud of their handwork and perseverance so far this year.

eduKateSg Primary 6 PSLE Students in class with our tutor Yuet Ling and a special visitor is totally relaxed in our classes.

The most important thing in our tutorial lesson is to get our kids to enjoy their classes, and start on a strategy to improve, based on their individual strengths. We identify their weakness and eliminate them on per-student basis.

No two students are ever the same, have the same problems or even studying the same things, at the same time, at the same speed. That means we customise our classes to each individual student according to their needs. Spending time understanding their character is also a very important part of our process.

The PSLE classes are currently going through examination papers, and final revision to capture the last 10/20 percent of their marks, going through topics that they have identified as the remnants of their weaknesses and improving their aggregates a few more percentile.

PSLE Mathematics Past Years’ School Preliminary papers being attempted in class, doing only the difficult questions that remains a problem for student.

With a month more to go, the heat is definitely on, but we must also lower that stress level  so that students are learning effectively. It should be another good year for eduKateSG with the positive results that is coming along for the students in their examinations and character development.

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