Vocabulary List for PSLE 100 Top Words for Occupation

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This is an online series of classes for primary school students to prepare for their PSLE by eduKate SG. It is a set of checklists of English knowledge that students should know and use during the PSLE Examinations. Kindly find out the meanings to the following:


In a composition, it is necessary to give details for characters to take on a personality and describing occupations will be a good starting point to paint the nature of a person.

For example, “Jane takes care of animals and works in an animal clinic.” can be changed to,” Jane is a veterinarian who is kind and benevolent to animals.”

Notice that the first sentence has 11 words, but the second has 12 words but is more efficient in the delivery of multiple concepts of who Jane is? This allows students to synthesise their sentence structure and add on other information to increase their content. It makes the sentence fuller and richer in detail without being too draggy.

  1. accountant
  2. steward
  3. announcer
  4. apprentice
  5. architect
  6. artist
  7. athlete
  8. author
  9. aviator
  10. banker
  11. barber
  12. bellboy
  13. botanist
  14. captain
  15. caretaker
  16. carpenter
  17. chaperon
  18. chauffeur
  19. chef
  20. civil servant
  21. clown
  22. concierge
  23. conductor
  24. constable
  25. coroner
  26. correspondent
  27. critic
  28. curator
  29. detective
  30. dietitian
  31. diplomat
  32. director
  33. dispatch rider
  34. doctor
  35. driver
  36. editor
  37. electrician
  38. engineer
  39. examiner
  40. explorer
  41. farmer
  42. fireman
  43. fishmonger
  44. florist
  45. gardener
  46. geologist
  47. goldsmith
  48. governor
  49. grocer
  50. hawker
  51. historian
  52. interior designer
  53. interpreter
  54. inventor
  55. invigilator
  56. jeweller
  57. jockey
  58. journalist
  59. judge
  60. lawyer
  61. lecturer
  62. librarian
  63. lifeguard
  64. linguist
  65. magistrate
  66. manager
  67. mayor
  68. mercenary
  69. mimic
  70. model
  71. navigator
  72. nurse
  73. pharmacist
  74. photographer
  75. physician
  76. pilot
  77. playwright
  78. policeman
  79. politician
  80. postman
  81. programmer
  82. publisher
  83. receptionist
  84. referee
  85. reporter
  86. salesman
  87. scavenger
  88. scientist
  89. sculptor
  90. seamstress
  91. secretary
  92. sentry
  93. shepherd
  94. stevedore
  95. surgeon
  96. surveyor
  97. tailor
  98. teacher
  99. tourist
  100. translator
  101. treasurer
  102. umpire
  103. ventriloquist
  104. veterinarian
  105. violinist
  106. waiter
  107. warden
  108. zoologist

The above should be used in conjunction with other descriptive words in PSLE English and do take note that certain professions do describe a character and their nature of work brings about certain values associated with the skills of their profession.

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