Music and Our Brains-PSLE Science, Knowledge & Aesthetics

Music for our soul, and food for our brains, PSLE Science Knowledge and Aesthetics. Music and Our Brains, the Science explained.

I just finished watching “Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus” featuring Bobby McFerrin and it just made me feel like sharing this with you. In our effort to share small slices of knowledge and aesthetics, and beneficial for parents to think about their childs’ holistic brain development and PSLE Science Syllabus.

Dear Parents, use music to jump start your child’s brains. Explained in this video

Video talks about how music causes brain activities and induces thoughts, feelings, and reactions from our bodies. It also talks about how our brain is hardwired to react to music and how it fires off neurons when music is experienced.

Bobby McFerrin performs to an audience and invokes crowd participation, conducting experiments about how our brain fills in blank spaces and makes up for inconsistencies in what we see, hear and touch with our own knowledge through inference. Insightful and informative look at how music is very important to our brain development and its contribution as part of our evolution.

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