eduKate Primary School Enrichment Empowerment Team Building Holiday Activity Programme

Team Building Dynamic Primary Students

edukate student goes up Climb Central for Holiday enrichment programme primary school PSLE SEAB

At eduKate Tuition Centre, we believe that our students needs to combine both class work and dynamic character building to create confident, resilient and sociable personalities.

What to do during the holidays?

So we come up with holiday programmes when our students have extra time and our parents would like some extra enrichment and experiences that makes all the difference. Working closely with parents, and a collaboration with Climb Central, this is our programme for December 2014. We definitely are the Top, Most Progressive, Empowering and Nurturing Tuition Centre and we make sure our students get the best education.

For an experience of our dynamic classes and how we can empower your child,

  • Ms Teo Yuet Ling +65 8222 6327

Climb Central-Indoor Rock Climbing Gym at our new Singapore Stadium. Kallang Wave Mall

eduKate Tuition Centre Primary Students gets to enjoy our extra curricular holiday programmes. Our holistic approach extends to marrying PSLE syllabus curriculum to real life activities and team building social skills.
P6 eduKate Students at Tampines Tuition Centre goes to Climb Central for eduKate Holistic Programme
eduKate PSLE Studetns getting Instruction on safety and equipment during social team building 2014 Holistic programme. Importance of staying safe and being responsible is learnt here.
last check before we head out- eduKate Students gets final safety check by Climb Central Staff. Learning a new skill, new equipment and peripheral in a short amount of time is the lesson here. Focus and concentration skills of students are put to the test here. Getting this right equates to safety and survivability.
equipment briefing and being taught about their equipment. eduKate PSLE tuition class goes for their enrichment class at climb central. They learn to be confident and never to give up till they reach the top. Plus know their own bodies and physical characteristics. Science combines with mental strength in a real world situation.
Happy faces and definitely all rearing to climb some wall. All equipped and patient even though their hearts are jumping out just right now.
the girls too…
that’s a rather long way up, but its the journey of learning that makes it all worth while-perseverance and mental strength being tested
being competitive and coming back strong is an important character trait. Primary students at Climb Central finds it tough to reach the top, but fights through the mental barrier and goes to the top
I will never give up… Science, Mathematics, Strategies Mental Strength and Critical Thinking. Put all these items together and students starts to understand what they learn in eduKate, is actually useful when they are being challenged at Climb Central
I fell off a wall… and it was awesome! eduKate Student learns to fall and dust off the disappointment, persevere through the pain and get to the top
I reached the top! eduKate Primary 6 students. We are proud of them when they achieve monumental feats. Positive reinforcement helps to empower our students. And fighting the mental barrier of height phobia.
learning to trust, tutor Yuet Ling takes care of me… all the time. edukate PSLE student starts to get awesome.
the first step is the hardest, but its all worth it. student’s learn how to trust each other, taking care of each other and being responsible in a critical safety situation. eduKate builds students characters, and we definitely aren’t your run-of-the-mill tuition centres.
did you get a nice photo of me?? can you send it to my mom?? social skills, close ties with our parents and taking great care of our student’s development. eduKate wants to make the best and smartest Singaporeans, one student at a time.
eduKate Students gets more training and honing their skills at climb central. Techniques, repeating a new skill until it becomes muscle memory and perfecting skill are being taught here.
the best thing about today… is to know there’s a good friend for me that will stop me from falling. eduKate Students develops deeper ties and acquire important social skills. Team building skills and gaining a deep trust of each other to keep safe is essential for children.

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