eduKate Singapore is the tuition with a difference. We have tutors in Singapore and we also train oversea students that require training in English and Mathematics to obtain a Grade 7 distinction in their standardised tests.


  • to develop and hone the faculties of an individual by excellence in teaching, instruction, and proper schooling.
  • to inform, train and keep the same on the forefront of society
  • to educate and empower the same to attain an appreciation of culture, aesthetics and life.

So who is eduKate?

We are a collection of tutors that excels in providing a holistic approach to teaching primary and secondary students. We do believe that the most important part of an education is the teacher-student interface. Having a good team of tutors is our objective in providing that interface. With that in mind, our anchor tutor Wong Kin Leong comes from ACJC/UWA, with an engineering background and has two decades of full time tutor experience.

Also, current tutors at our other branches are from tertiary backgrounds of RJC, TPJC, NUS, SMU and NTU with excellent grades and teaching abilities.

With these mix of highly experienced full time tutors and young enthusiastic tutors, eduKate teaches in accordance to MOE SEAB syllabus and uses the latest technology available.

A firm believer in early tech adopters, we bring in technology to our classes whilst continuously updating our equipment and facilities. On top of all that, we go around the world to source out the newest ideas in education and continuously upgrade and refine our teaching methods. We do not rest on our laurels and keep ourselves on the forefront of the education systems, keeping our classes relevant to our students so that they can appreciate their curriculum in school. Most interested in your child’s education and character development, this is our website with lots of help and advice to make studying enjoyable and easier. We will update regularly with lots of articles that caters to both parents and students. We will also post our news or class materials in the login folder so that our students gets their materials easily and keep themselves updated.

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