Do the PSLE English tuition centre offer make-up classes for missed lessons?

When it comes to tuition for PSLE English Comprehension Paper 2, offering make-up classes for missed lessons can be an essential feature that reflects the flexibility and student-centric approach of a tuition centre. The Ministry of Education Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (MOE SEAB) prescribes certain learning objectives for PSLE examinations, and ensuring that a student does not miss out on any crucial lessons is critical to achieving those objectives.

On the plus side, make-up classes for missed lessons mean that a student will not miss out on any crucial learning materials or practice exercises. Considering the complex nature of English Comprehension Paper 2, which includes understanding and interpreting various types of texts, missing a single lesson could mean missing out on a critical skill or technique. Make-up classes ensure that the learner stays on track with the learning plan, keeping up with their peers.

Moreover, make-up classes can provide a second chance for students who may not have fully grasped the content during the first session. The reinforcement of concepts and practice can enhance understanding and application of comprehension skills, vital for tackling the PSLE English Comprehension Paper 2.

However, there are potential downsides as well. Depending on how the tuition centre schedules these make-up classes, it could mean an additional load for the student. If make-up classes are added on top of the regular class schedule, it could lead to a potential burnout.

Also, if make-up classes are done in a large group setting, the personalised attention might be lesser than in regular classes. Given the unique demands of English Comprehension Paper 2, personalised attention from the tutor is often essential in addressing individual learner’s struggles and misconceptions.

It’s also worth noting that the effectiveness of a make-up class heavily depends on the teaching method. A rushed make-up class might not deliver the same depth of understanding or provide the necessary practice that a regular class would.

To summarise, while make-up classes for missed PSLE English Comprehension Paper 2 tuition lessons can be a beneficial feature, the implementation should be carefully planned to prevent overloading the student and to ensure the class’s effectiveness. It is crucial to strike a balance between keeping the student’s learning on track and not causing unnecessary stress or burden. The ultimate goal, aligned with MOE SEAB’s objectives, is to develop a deep understanding and application of comprehension skills, thereby adequately preparing the student for PSLE examinations and beyond.

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