Books to read during school holidays

Recommended list of books to read for your child before they go back to school. These must-read books are good for children to get hooked on reading and develop a great sense of creative visualisation, opening their minds to different cultures and introducing them to different worlds as they read through this list of books.

Charlotte’s Web 

charlottes web edukate book English tuition centre Punggol
Charlotte’s Web Book Cover, a classic and contains some brilliant story telling

Story about chances and how we need friends to help us in our lives told in the perspective of animals à la Animal Farm. Themes of discrimination, innocent naivety and humility are wrapped in a fascinating, well written package that presents a rich descriptive landscape of American farming culture. Exploring its parallel storyline with America’s own struggles with discrimination through the eyes of Fern and Wilbur, Charlotte’s Web tells a tale of the circle of life, of our own struggles and roles in society. Given another chance at life straight off from the beginning and with an innocent naivety, the story winds itself through the web spun by Charlotte, the spider and how it helps Wilbur escape a certain doom. 

The Hobbit

The Hobbit, the first fantastical story that created a whole new genre of writers and written by Prof Tolkien for his kids.

Story written by J.R.R. Tolkien for his son and spawned a new genre of writing. Intricately written and carefully described settings create a beautifully woven landscape that brings the reader into another world. The story deals with cultures and emotionally charged where fundamental human values are revisited in the fight to do the right thing. The fight between the good and evil and the fight to do what is right. A story where different races comes together in strength against the dark evil, akin to Tolkien’s experience during his life in World War 2 and losing his friends to the war.

The B.F.G

the bfg edukate punggol
The BFG, beloved and beautifully written. A storyline to be remembered

Written in 1982 by Roald Dahl, The B.F.G is a beloved story book that has been sold at a staggering 1million copies every year, attesting to its popularity by children and adults alike, and adapted into a movie by Steven Spielberg in 2016.

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