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Top Punggol Tutor for Primary Science 2017 Tutor Ms Yuet Ling for Pri 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. PSLE Preparation with intensive course for students to score distinctions. Did you know students that come here, jumps in score for exams, and a total shift in attitude towards studying? From not giving much attention to their education to a super love for being smart and know relevant lessons in school to their everyday life. Believe me as you can see from the photos how much focus and love they have in their lessons with us. We lead by teaching them how much we love what we do, and with our maniacal dedication, lead them to love their studies too.

Punggol Primary Science classes are conducted for 2017 with current SEAB MOE Primary Science syllabus. For our 2017 schedule and class availability, kindly contact our Punggol tutor Ms Yuet Ling +65 8222 6327.

Punggol Tuition Centre English Math Science Tutor Small Group Pri Sec Primary Secondary Add Math E Math Physics Science Classes Enrichment program Good Tuition Centre
Tutor Yuet Ling with Primary Students and our Semester 2017 T Shirts.

What we do at eduKate Punggol?

Our Punggol Tuition Centre does MOE syllabus English, Maths and Science lessons for Pri1-6, Sec1-4 Express, 5 Normal(Academic). We are a small group format tuition centre with expert tutors that operates on a holistic approach to education.

Understand first, practice lots, Enjoy the learning process.

Following the curriculum format setup of MOE and SEAB, we believe that students should firstly understand their topics before attempting to answer any questions. Hence, we teach everything from scratch, making sure students understand their work, enjoy what they learn and be cognizant of its relevancy to everyday activities. The keyword here is “enjoy”, because once students enjoy the things they are learning, they latch onto the concepts faster and can apply it easily. To the point where our students are consistent in earning proficiency awards in their schools.

In opposition to that, a student that does not understand their work, struggles to comprehend the question and ability to answer the questions are destructive to the ability and psyche to study. Frustration sets in, then coupled with a constant fear of examinations and a general dislike to learn.

Holistic Education in Punggol

Of course, we setup our classes to be holistic in nature, doing everything beyond the class to make sure students learn more than curriculum, a very much needed criteria in the 21st Century. We have to teach them the relevance of a quality education in Singapore, and its potential to provide the stability in the uncertainty of the future. During the holidays, we have programs that gets students out of the classroom, with collaborations with other education facilities.

In Class, and out of class.

Pri6 Punggol Tuition English Mathematics Science Tutor Small group Female P1 Tuition
Primary students that has been with us since Pri1 develops a positive outlook of their education, enjoying their learning process.
I fell off a wall… and it was awesome! eduKate Student learns to fall and dust off the disappointment, persevere through the pain and get to the top

Actions speaks louder than words

We talk the talk, and walk the walk. Our work doesn’t end when the student steps out of the classroom. Firm believers in education by process of learning, our students are our future and their success, ours.

eduKate Singapore Tuition Centre is dedicated to provide top tutors to teach children of all skill and background levels. Our students education are our top priority and hence, our tutors comes from outstanding institutions to provide the best customised classes for our students.

Our tutors are highly motivated intelligent educated individuals from a diverse background and ethnicity, with years of experience in guiding childrens’ intellectual growth and stimulating their grey matter to attain solid exam results and also life skills to tackle problems in their future.

We believe that a child’s growth is both nature and nurture.  Our tutors constantly seek the nurturing of eduKate student’s inquisitive nature of questioning everything they learn and fully understand not only their curriculum, but holistically, to understand and achieve a sophisticated understanding of life skills that we marry together with their curriculum.

We believe that our classes should always achieve a high level of group dynamics through social interaction between students.

As such, we teach to a tee the curriculum laid out by Ministry of Education Singapore for both Primary and Secondary Schools as the foundation and lay upon life skills/holistic approach as an add-on enrichment to our classes. We strive to provide the finest education in Singapore, and our endeavours only mean that our students are ultimately, the sole beneficiaries.


Punggol Tuition Science Primary Sengkang Small Group Tuition
Some of eduKate Singapore’s Students, happy in class, as usual.


edukate punggol tuition centre english maths science tutor top student best award
eduKate Singapore student 2nd Prize in Maths Quiz Primary5
tuition centre english maths science primary english top student edukate punggol
Top work from students of eduKate Singapore with achievement awards. The result makes a happy student.
Punggol Tuition Centre Good Tutor for Small Group Pri Sec English Maths Science Qualified Tutors  Primary Secondary P1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6 PSLE GCE O level
Happy students learns faster, and we keep the class intact throughout the year, and onto the subsequent years. This helps students to build a deep bond and develop great friendships.
Punggol Creative Writing Pri 3 class small group class Primary English Tuition Centre
Our tuition classes are air conditioned and filtered for health, safety and comfort. We conduct classes throughout the year, rain, shine or haze.
Punggol Creative Writing Pri 3 class small group class Primary English Tuition Centre
Creative Writing goes through format and information needed for content to write an interesting story.
punggol tuition centre english maths science primary PSLE O level tuition small group
We make sure all students are taught properly, understand their classes and does their work with the proper steps and thought processes.
Punggol English Tuition Centre Primary Pri1 Pri2 Pri3 Pri4 Pri 5 Pri6 PSLE MOE Syllabus Small Group Female Experienced Tutors
Our Tutors goes through all the work done by students, and we teach from scratch, sticking to the MOE syllabus and making sure we teach from basics to advanced level, so that students attain the mastery needed to do well in school.
Punggol Tuition Centre punggol tuition centre english maths science primary PSLE O level tuition small group
Our tutors in class with students from Secondary schools
Punggol Creative Writing Pri 3 class small group class Primary English Tuition Centre
In our Punggol Tuition Centre for English, all our student’s work are marked and checked to make sure their work are done correctly.

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