Magnus Walker, take a walk on the wild side

Magnus Walker. Who is he? And why am I writing about him?

Have a look at his lecture on TEDtalks, where he delivers an interesting take on following your gut feelings and being successful.

The Operative Word: Shocked

Well, if you saw him on the street, you would be forgiven to dismiss him as another slacker, (pardon my words Magnus), because his fashion sense will definitely fall out of the well-heeled millionaires of this world. Long Dreadlocks and ZZ Top beards define Magnus, and that’s how he likes it. Never judge a book by its cover. Oh, how wrong will we be to find out that he dresses Alice Cooper and Madonna. He does. Seriously. Of course, anyone will be shocked to find out he is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry as he has a successful clothes business that are into cult-streetwear and fashion for the MTV generation, and even more shocking, a one-man marketing army for Porsche, the sports car maker.  He did it his way, walked his own path and successful to boot. His passion got him to places and that is what matters a lot.

What has it got to do with eduKate?

In eduKate, we believe in taking every path to success and teach kids to be happy in their own ways. Of course it all starts with adequate skills that we acquire through experience, be it studying in school, or through interactions in society. Which by default, means we better teach the kids well. But ultimately, we have to start producing talents that fills the gaps of society, create successful individuals that fills not only the traditional occupations like doctors, lawyers, engineers and bankers but also a wave of “outliers”, unorthodox, unconventional and ultimately, interesting individuals and businesses that caters to a more vibrant society of the 21st Century.

Hard work, salt of the earth, elbow greased and successful

Classes and standardised examinations are excellent ways to get a bulk of this talented workforce but Magnus fell through those gaps and landed in a wonderful place. Albeit, mind you, through his talents and sheer hard work to push himself through. So here we are, introducing an alternate view to success. Have a dream, loads of hard work and following his guts got him where he is now. And don’t let his image fool you, he is a smart individual who knew what he was doing, indefatigable, industrious and a good feel of the industry. He thought out of the box, did things differently enough to get attention from the music industry. Well centred in character, Magnus Walker mapped out his dream, got to work and walked his own walk. What came next was success upon success, plus a little bit of luck that got him noticed. Fast forward to present times, he is now a cult clothing company, a property mogul making low value properties into desirable locations and finally, the one that brought him a lot of attention, restoring old Porsches successfully, to the point that Porsche factory got him to be their spokesperson.

This is the video that got him noticed by Porsche and everything else, as they say, is history…

Let’s get inspired, do something that makes it all worthwhile, have a plan, take a roll of the dice and let’s see what comes out the other side.

Steve Jobs once said:

“The minute that you understand that you can poke life and actually something will, you know if you push in, something will pop out the other side, that you can change it, you can mold it.”


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