English Tuition for Mee Toh Primary

Tuition for Mee Toh Primary English

Punggol English and Mathematics tutors for Primary English and Creative writing are a team of female tutors that encourages Punggol primary students at our tuition centre to do well in their examination by being patient and observing how our Punggol Primary students learn. Importantly, our Punggol tutors will customise their teaching approach to  our students’ learning habits because we know they all learn differently.

Punggol English and Mathematics Tuition
Tutors guide students when they do not understand. Clarity than being doubtful gives confidence

Know our students well

As our class are small group, we know each and every student and follow their progress. Experienced and with proven track record, our Punggol female tutors at Punggol English and Mathematic will help your child to learn and thrive in school. Year after year, our students gets the same tutors that they are familiar with and have developed a close rapport with Punggol tutors.

Happy learning

A happy student learns faster than one that does not feel good about studying. We know that and that is why our classes are lively, have interesting materials and our students love to come have classes with our Punggol tutors. A close rapport with students and their parents means we know how our students are doing in school, and if they are learning effectively.

Punggol English and Mathematics Tuition
Students learns Creative Writing, increasing knowledge and vocabulary.

Lively Small Group Tuition

Small group English tutorial class in Punggol English and Mathematics means students gets the attention needed and yet have classmates that makes the class lively. The class ratio of students are 1:5 for most of our classes and that helps our primary english students to have direct attention of our cheery tutors from our cosy small class environment. This ratio also promotes our students to socialise with each other, developing their social skills and ability to co-learn with their peers. The effectiveness of this class comes from students being relatively close to the tutors so that the primary english students are easily monitored.  Primary English Tuition Classes are engineered to be efficient and effective, so that students learn fast.

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