Secondary IP Mathematics Scores A* for Mid Year Examination

Dunman High Year 4 students that consistently scores A* for their exams starts off their path to academic excellence with a strong fundamental knowledge of Mathematics and a lot of hardwork and persistence.

Secondary IP Mathematics Tutor in Punggol has a Tuition class for Year 4 students which consists of lectures and tutorials that train them from basics and moves onto advanced questions. IP Classes are based on understanding concepts and where that topic can be applied to when they reach tertiary education. It is a fairly fun and challenging class where they learn about their own abilities and weaknesses. We make sure they come from a position of strength and develop their capabilities, improving their studying skills and coping with the demands that their IP course throws at them.

In this class, our Dunman High students are revising for their End of Year examinations, right after their periodic assessments which they logged in a Grade A for their A Math paper. However, the difference for Year 4 EOY examinations are the need to cover all topics from Year 1-4, as if its the GCE O levels examinations requirements before they get their streaming to attend A level classes during Year 5/6.

This cohort is about 2 weeks ahead of schedule, and needs to start on Integration (Advanced Techniques) before their school teaches it as there will be hardly time to do any revision for their EOY examinations. Their school schedule will be tight but we make sure they will complete the syllabus and have enough time to revise before that.

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