PSLE English Intensive Course Punggol

PSLE English Holiday Intensive Course for Punggol June 2016.

For the June 2016 Holidays, we will be hosting our annual series of PSLE English Intensive courses conducted by owner and Punggol resident tutor Ms Teo Yuet Ling. She will be running through SEAB’s PSLE English 2016 requirements and will comprehensively prepare students to ace their examinations.

The PSLE English Intensive revision courses focus on the following:

Paper 1: Continuous Writing

Paper 2: Comprehension Open Ended

Kindly contact Ms Teo at +65 8222 6327 for course details and availability.

eduKate Principal Tutor teaches
Punggol English Intensive PSLE Course. Our aim is to make sure every student makes mistakes that can be corrected, and stays corrected. Only when we get a mistake, do we know what is right. getting right answers only gets us so far. getting it wrong and picking ourselves up is where we truly steel our character.

What to expect in our courses.

We teach students the way to aggressively acquire the maximum marks allocated for their examination papers by teaching them the marking scheme set up by SEAB for PSLE and GCE O level examinations.

Breaking down the examination papers for our students into clearly defined requirements and their entailed approach to answer the questions properly helps students to understand how the Ministry of Education awards marks for each section of the paper.

We do not just teach students to attempt questions, we teach them what are the requirements, skill sets needed, and keywords that will instantly award marks.

This course aims students to focus on specifics and gain marks efficiently.
This course aims students to understand how they should align their answers to the requirements of the syllabus for maximum scores.
This course aims students to study intensively to catch up and ace their examinations.
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One of our residents Pebbles.
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