Better scores now needed for NUS arts faculty

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“Remember the days when one B and two Cs would get a student into the arts and social sciences faculty of the National University of Singapore?

Not any more.

This year, A-level holders needed at least an A and two Bs, despite the faculty taking in the largest number of students at the university – 1,700 in all.

Two years ago, the minimum grade needed was three Bs.”

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Time are a changing

As expected, the shifts in education in a competitive Singapore are turning its wheels and grinding its gears. There’s no stone left untouched and in time to come, grades needed to enter NUS will only climb higher and its 22nd TOP UNIVERSITY TOP RANKINGS don’t help the matter much. We are an open education system and we have international students vying seats together with our students, and most people will think this is a bad thing but its more of fear that their children does not get a seat. However, this is not true as an open education system allows healthy interaction with the top students around the world, something Singapore needs to achieve a successful international trade programme.

So what does that mean to Singaporean Students?

As we climb higher up the world rankings, our education system becomes more attractive to foreigners and in our open education system, it attracts the best students and we in turn, will interact with the best in the world. That is a good thing. Competition creates excellence. And to vie for a seat in NUS will mean the cream of the crop of Singapore will be competing with the cream of the crop of the world. And that is our bread and butter. We survive because we have to be the best. To be the best, we need to compete with the best. Having a 22nd world ranking university, Singapore’s education system is at a better place right now than the last century and our students will enjoy all this excellent education infrastructure.

Top Education at our doorstep.

Just 20-30 years ago, we had to fly overseas to go to a properly good university with a properly good world ranking. We don’t need to anymore with NUS ranked at 22 at our backyard. I forgot to mention, NTU is at a not so far 39th for 2014.

That is an achievement that we should be proud of. I can only imagine the brains, the work and the funds needed to build two World Top50 University in Singapore. So this brings us to what is next? For a country where our natural resource is human resource, education and training lies high up the ladder for our future survival. But I foresee ourselves in safe hands with world class universities as part of our portfolio, but only if we have the system to create and nurture world class students to be able to qualify for these universities that we will reap the rewards, or else all those seats will be snapped up by the best of the rest of the world. Hardwork, proper training, and determination to be the best shall be dogma.

Sonnet 123 No, Time, thou shalt not boast that I do change

No, Time, thou shalt not boast that I do change:
Thy pyramids built up with newer might
To me are nothing novel, nothing strange;
They are but dressings of a former sight.
Our dates are brief, and therefore we admire
What thou dost foist upon us that is old,
And rather make them born to our desire
Than think that we before have heard them told.
Thy registers and thee I both defy,
Not wondering at the present nor the past,
For thy records and what we see doth lie,
Made more or less by thy continual haste.
This I do vow and this shall ever be;
I will be true, despite thy scythe and thee.


by Wong Kin Leong, eduKate

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