Will there be homework and additional learning materials provided in primary composition tuition?

Homework and additional learning materials form an integral part of any educational journey, primary composition tuition included. This is especially true for students preparing for their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), a critical assessment administered by the Ministry of Education Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (MOE SEAB). This article will discuss the role of homework and additional learning materials in primary composition tuition, keeping the PSLE English syllabus in mind.

Homework and Additional Learning Materials in Primary Composition Tuition

Primary composition tuition is designed to enhance a student’s language proficiency and creativity, skills that are central to the MOE SEAB’s PSLE English syllabus. To achieve this, tutors often employ a combination of in-class instruction and at-home learning tasks.

The Role of Homework

Homework serves several essential functions in primary composition tuition.


Homework allows students to apply and reinforce what they’ve learned during tuition. It can range from grammar exercises to composition writing tasks, enabling students to understand and apply concepts like vocabulary use, sentence construction, and narrative creation.

Developing Writing Skills

Regular writing assignments can help students develop and refine their writing skills. The constant practice allows them to familiarise themselves with various writing techniques, creative expressions, and critical thinking skills.

Self-Paced Learning

Homework enables students to learn at their own pace. They can spend more time on areas they find challenging, promoting a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Additional Learning Materials

Additional learning materials complement the tuition and homework, providing extra support for the student’s learning journey. They can include:

Reference Books

These are often recommended by tutors to supplement learning. They can provide additional exercises, examples of good composition writing, or more in-depth explanations of complex grammar rules.

Online Resources

Online resources can provide interactive learning experiences, helping students to understand and apply their knowledge effectively. This could include online exercises, educational videos, or digital flashcards.

Past Year Papers

Past year PSLE examination papers are a valuable resource for primary composition tuition. They allow students to familiarise themselves with the exam format and standards, helping them to prepare more effectively for the actual exam.

Pros and Cons of Homework and Additional Learning Materials

As with all learning strategies, there are pros and cons to assigning homework and providing additional learning materials.


Homework and additional learning materials can significantly enhance a student’s understanding of the subject. Regular practice through homework reinforces classroom learning, while additional materials provide further support. Both align with the MOE SEAB’s PSLE English syllabus objectives, facilitating comprehensive learning.


On the downside, excessive homework might lead to stress and burnout. It’s important to find a balance that keeps students engaged without overwhelming them. Similarly, while additional learning materials can be beneficial, using too many resources might confuse students and detract from their learning.


Homework and additional learning materials are key to effective learning in primary composition tuition. When thoughtfully assigned and effectively used, they align well with the objectives of the MOE SEAB’s PSLE English syllabus, enhancing students’ writing skills and preparing them for the PSLE examinations. Finding the right balance in their use is essential to ensure a positive and productive learning experience.