Idiom for PSLE English Examinations Theme: Happy

Happy Idioms for PSLE English Examinations

On Cloud NineExtremely happy“After scoring full marks in her test, Sarah was on cloud nine.”
Tickled PinkVery pleased“He was tickled pink when his art was appreciated by everyone.”
Full of BeansVery lively, energetic“After a good night’s sleep, she was full of beans.”
A Laugh a MinuteExtremely amusing or entertaining“My grandpa’s stories are a laugh a minute.”
Like a Dog with Two TailsExtremely pleased“When she got the promotion, she was like a dog with two tails.”
Bright and BreezyCheerful and energetic“His bright and breezy personality makes him very likable.”
Happy as a ClamVery happy and comfortable“On his vacation, he was as happy as a clam.”
Over the MoonExtremely pleased or happy“She was over the moon when she got accepted into her dream school.”
In Seventh HeavenIn a state of extreme happiness“On hearing about his scholarship, he was in seventh heaven.”
Grinning Like a Cheshire CatVery happy or satisfied“She walked out of the meeting, grinning like a Cheshire cat.”
Walking on AirExtremely happy“When she heard she passed the exam, she was walking on air.”
Happy-Go-LuckyNot worried or concerned about the future“His happy-go-lucky attitude makes him a joy to be around.”
As Pleased as PunchVery pleased or satisfied“He was as pleased as punch when he finished his project on time.”
In High SpiritsHappy and energetic“After winning the match, the entire team was in high spirits.”
To Be in One’s ElementTo be happy because you are doing what you like or can do best“She’s really in her element when she’s singing.”
Jump for JoyTo be extremely happy“On receiving the surprise gift, she jumped for joy.”
Like a Kid in a Candy StoreVery happy and excited about the possibilities“Exploring the science museum, he was like a kid in a candy store.”
Happy as a LarkVery happy“On sunny days, she’s as happy as a lark.”
Life of the PartySomeone who is energetic and fun“At any social event, he’s the life of the party.”
Having a Whale of a TimeHaving an exciting or fun time“On their family trip, they had a whale of a time.”

The Rainbow of Happy Idioms for PSLE English Examinations

Idioms can turn an ordinary piece of writing into a dazzling piece of art. They inject an element of unpredictability, making the narrative intriguing and engaging for the readers. Hence, it’s vital to arm our Primary 6 students, who are all set to sit for the PSLE English Examinations, with a plethora of happy idioms. Let’s explore some advanced yet relatable happy idioms which can enhance their vocabulary and give them an edge in their PSLE English exams.

Beginning with the Best Strategies

  1. Learn and Practice: Memorize a few idioms every day and practice them in sentences.
  2. Understand the Context: Try to understand the idiomatic expressions’ meanings and use them in appropriate contexts.
  3. Flashcards: Write the idiom on one side of a card and its meaning on the other side. Review these cards regularly.
  4. Reading: Read widely. The more you read, the more idioms you’ll come across, which will enrich your vocabulary.
  5. Use in Writing: Start using idioms in your essays and compositions. This will not only help you remember them but also enhance your writing skills.

A Dive into the Sea of Happy Idioms

On Cloud Nine

When someone is extremely happy or ecstatic, they’re said to be on cloud nine. This idiom can add a touch of happiness to your narrative. For instance: “When Jane won the spelling bee competition, she was on cloud nine.”

Tickled Pink

Tickled pink signifies a great deal of pleasure or delight. You can use it like this: “John was tickled pink when he received a comic book set for his birthday.”

Full of Beans

When someone is lively, active, or in high spirits, they’re said to be full of beans. Example: “The children were full of beans at the picnic.”

A Laugh a Minute

If someone is exceptionally entertaining or amusing, they’re often referred to as a laugh a minute. For example: “My cousin is a laugh a minute; there’s never a dull moment when she’s around.”

Like a Dog with Two Tails

If someone is extremely pleased or happy, they’re like a dog with two tails. For instance: “After hearing the news of his scholarship, he was running around like a dog with two tails.”

Bright and Breezy

Bright and breezy suggests someone is cheerful and energetic. It can be used as: “Despite having a long day, she walked in looking bright and breezy.”

Online Resources to Strengthen Your Idiom Arsenal

There’s an abundance of resources online that can help you dive deeper into the world of idioms. Here are some noteworthy sites:

  1. – This website provides a comprehensive list of idioms, their meanings, and example sentences. It’s easy to navigate and includes idioms from various categories.
  2. Learn English Today – This website provides free resources for English students and teachers, including idioms, phrases, and proverbs.
  3. Using English – This site has a vast library of idioms and their meanings, categorized alphabetically.
  4. BBC Learning English – The BBC Learning English site provides audio, video, and text materials that can make learning idioms fun and interesting.

Wrapping Up

So, why not lighten up your compositions with these happy idioms? Remember, idioms are the secret spices that make your writing flavorful. But as with all spices, use them wisely and in moderation. Good luck with your PSLE English Examinations, and may you be “happy as a clam” with your results!

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