MOE Teacher teaching Primary English Mathematics and Science in Punggol

ex MOE Teacher Linda, with her crafted materials and our 20 years of experience in education, brings to the table a small group tuition for Punggol students. Tuition for English, Mathematics and Science for Pri1-6 and PSLE Preparatory tuition in Punggol with materials provided in class.

Tuition with a difference

eduKate, with Teacher Linda, has a philosophy of conducting our lessons by helping students to enjoy their tuition and understanding the topics. Then onto some elbow grease of memorising the materials and doing all the work needed to get their distinctions. From a fail to a pass, from a B to an A*, we get the job done.

We get our students to love their lessons with us, develop a love for learning and the guts to score in examinations. No butterflies in the stomach when its crunch time.

Call us at +65 82226327 for a chat with Teacher Linda (psst, ask her how she got her students to score 95 for their exams) and let us craft a path for your child.

Keep it simple

We teach everything from scratch, even the difficult topics and deliver it in a simple laid out dish. Easily digested, but as delicious as intended. Why make it harder than it needs to be? If our students understands it easily, then it gets learnt faster. It helps when our classes are small groups of 3, so when one doesn’t understand what is taught, we know. And then we change the way we deliver the message, never give up, never let up and eventually, some breakthrough will come.

Punggol ex MOE teacher Small group Tuition Primary Math English Science

punggol primary English tuition small group English tutor PSLE MOE syllabus
Mastering English lessons requires students to communicate effectively with their peers. In class, our students discuss and decide the best options available to effectively complete their tasks handed to them.
Punggol Small Group Tuition Female tutors teaching English Math Science
Primary School Small Group Tuition with our grad tutors making sure all work are done properly.
Punggol English Math Science A Math Add Math Additional Math E Math Secondary Tuition Primary Tuition Small Group Tutor edukatesg2017-applestore-11933
Punggol Tutor Yuet Ling in London UK. London Bridge
Punggol English Tutor in Cambridge UK edukatesg2017-london-12973
Tutor Yuet Ling in front of King’s College, Cambridge University

#singaporetuitioncentre #sgtutor #sg #edukatesg #followedukate #bestsingaporetuitioncentre Singapore Punggol Tuition Centre English Math Science Tutor Small Group Pri Sec Primary Secondary Add Math E Math Physics Science Classes Enrichment program Good Tuition Centre

Punggol Tutor English Math Science Secondary Primary Creative Writing A Math IGCSE GCE O Level GCE A Level General Paper Cambridge_UK-1
Tutor Yuet Ling Cambridge University, UK. King’s College.

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