Punggol Tutor for Primary Mathematics

Punggol Tutor for Primary Mathematics

Punggol tutor Ms Yuet Ling +65 82226327 for Primary Mathematics for students in Punggol and Seng Kang. Our Singapore female tutors are dedicated, experienced and employ the latest methods to teach Math in accordance to SEAB PSLE syllabus.

Dedicated Punggol tutors that understands your child’s needs

Top female tuition teacher from RJC/TPJC/SAJC/ACJC/uni grads Singapore teaches in accordance to the school curriculum and will customise our teaching to the learning requirements of students. Small group classes of 5-6 pax means our tutors knows your child and arrests any problems quick before it manifests into bigger problems.

“Chains of habits are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” – Warren Buffett.

Punggol Small Group Tuition for Primary 5 Advanced Level Students attempting Past Year Exam Papers. EOY Papers.

Top tutors form our Punggol tutor team lead by Ms Yuet Ling

Our female tuition teachers are eduKate Education Centre’s pride. We have a team of highly motivated dynamic female tutors that will inspire you to reach your utmost potential encouraging you to be independent intelligent individuals. They come from Singapore’s top JC’s (RJC/ACJC/SAJC/TPJC) and Universities, with engineers and professionals as part of the core team. Sharing their wealth of experience, guiding and enlightening basic to complex problems with you.

Keeping our tuition relevant for Punggol Primary Students

As we find that children usually gets interested in trending news when everyone else talks about it, our tuition takes advantage of this enthusiasm and includes it into our lessons.

Punggol Tutor Ms Yuet Ling updates and makes new materials for classes to keep material relevant

It is a great way to edukate our students, have them understand material, and engage effectively with their social groups with the matured understanding that makes them an intelligent individual.

Confidence comes from being happy with what they learn

We at eduKate tuition believes that students needs to enjoy themselves when they are learning. Going to class should be a wonderful learning process rather than a torturing grind. It helps them to learn faster, memorise it better, and generally grow confident that they are becoming smarter from every class that they attend.

Our Punggol tutors marks all the work of our students, making sure their answers are correct, have the right workings and format, and advice them when they make a mistake. We are extremely gentle with the students when it comes to mistakes, making sure they learn from it, and not fear making mistakes during class and clarify them with us. Students should never fear asking why they made a mistake in our class. We make sure they ask us and we take the time to help them fully comprehend their mistakes.

Punggol Tutor marking and going through tuition work
eduKate Tutor checking student progress for primary science papers from PSLE Syllabus examinations

For more information of our classes, call Punggol tutor Ms Yuet Ling +65 82226327

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Tutor Yuet Ling teaching students Creative Writing English class.
Tutor Yuet Ling teaches Creative Writing class different themes every semester.
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Tutor Yuet Ling in the Office working on new materials. We customise all our classes for our students.


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